Add this whole wheat chocolate chunk fig bread to your meal prep menu so you’re set with a satisfying snack or on-the-go breakfast throughout the week. Made with mission dried figs, dark chocolate and whole wheat flour, this quick bread recipe is a smart food choice for the whole fam. This recipe is a collaboration with Bob’s Red Mill and Valley Fig Growers. I received compensation, but all opinions are my own.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chunk Fig Bread -- Made with mission dried figs, dark chocolate and whole wheat flour, this quick bread recipe is a smart food choice for the whole fam. @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #BobsRedMill #bakedwithBobs #ad

In our household, we thrive on meal prep. It keeps us on track to eat balanced meals throughout the week, it keeps us from wasting food, and it keeps us from having to think about what to eat for lunch or dinner throughout the week when our lives already are filled with so much thinking.

But when it comes to breakfast or snacks? In those categories, I often fall short. So, with the start of a new year and in an effort to set my family up for success, one of my goals for 2019 is to incorporate breakfast and snack time into my weekly meal prep so we’re not all left with frozen waffles or bland peanut butter toast as our only options.

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This Chocolate Hazelnut Latte recipe is the perfect pick-me-up coffee drink for mornings, afternoons, or whenever you need a little extra oomph with a lot of creamy, chocolate-hazelnutty flavor. It comes together in less than five minutes and tastes just like (dare I say, even better than) anything you’d get from a coffee shop!

Chocolate Hazelnut Latte -- a deliciously indulgent Nutella latte recipe that will perk up any day. @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #drinkrecipe #chocolate #coffeerecipe

One of our goals when we moved into our new place earlier this month was to give the space some major hygge. If you’re not familiar, “hygge” is a Danish term that implies a cozy lifestyle filled with friends, family, candles, chunky throw blankets, reading on rainy days and drinking hot drinks on snow days.

And while yes, I have accumulated my fair share of throw blankets (perhaps to my husband’s chagrin, who can say), we also love to embrace these chilly winter months by enjoying a warm, indulgent beverage every now and again — like this chocolate hazelnut latte. It’s major hygge in a cup.

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When Christmas is around the corner, forget the cookies — only eggnog bread (with spiced rum glaze, YES PLEASE) will do! OK, OK — the cookies can stay, too.

Eggnog Bread with Spiced Rum Glaze -- This eggnog bread recipe with spiced rum glaze tastes just like the holiday drink in quick bread form! @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #baking #dessertbread

SO. Christmas is but a few eves away — how do we feel about this? Are we cool as Jack Frost, or are we roasting chestnuts solely with our stress-induced body heat? For a while I was pretty chill about everything, and then I realized that I was looking at the calendar all wrong and suddenly, Christmas is not two weeks away but ONE week away, and now I’m fairly certain the reason we’re going to have a green Christmas in the upper Midwest is because of me.

Thankfully, there is still some of this eggnog bread to be had, which is made with real eggnog and spices and yes, rum, both in the bread and in the glaze, and it tastes mighty fine with some eggnog on the side. That’s just a suggestion — but a very strong one.

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Ridiculously Soft Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies -- homemade gingerbread cookies coated in powdered sugar and soft in the centers. Perfect for holiday parties and cookie exchanges! #girlversusdough #cookierecipe #Christmascookie

Friends, how do we feel about our Christmas shopping? Have we had presents purchased for everyone on our lists since Halloween? Or do we not even think about it until December 23? Usually, I’m firmly planted in between every year — after Thanksgiving, I go into a little bit of a panic mode and then I buy everything for everyone in an anxious flurry. Then, it’s December 1 and I’m done (though wrapping presents never, ever happens until it’s the night before Christmas and I forget and frantically wrap everything together with Mom’s extra wrapping paper, THANKS MOM).

This year, I’ve been much more relaxed on the shopping situation, pacing myself on all fronts in hopes that this new approach keeps me more calm and collected. Though I still haven’t wrapped anything. Should probably get on that.

ANYWAY, if you’re scrambling to come up with gift ideas, I say bake a batch of these ridiculously (no, really, ridiculously) soft gingerbread crinkle cookies and give them to friends and family. Or, if you’re all set on shopping, bake a batch of these cookies for yourself and enjoy them on the couch while watching Hallmark Christmas movies (I hear A Christmas Prince is worth a watch, FYI).

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Cinnamon Swirl Pumpkin Pie -- The only thing better than from-scratch pumpkin pie is one with a cinnamon swirl pie crust on top. @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #pierecipe #Thanksgivingrecipe #cinnamonroll

It’s here, friends: the MOST EPIC pie to grace your table, just in time for Thanksgiving. Because why just make a regular pumpkin pie when you can make a Deep-Dish Cinnamon Swirl Pumpkin Pie? That’s a rhetorical question.

How are you feeling as we enter this holiday week? Stressed? Chill? Are you hosting this year or heading out to see family? Whatever your plans, I hope you can find peace and relaxation and plenty of moments in which to feel gratitude. Despite the turkey, despite the mashed potatoes, despite the desserts, this season really is all about being thankful and remembering the blessings we have.

For me, that’s much easier said than done. To be completely honest, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed and lacking in peace and contentment. We’ve got a lot on our plates lately, and while I do apologize for being so cryptic (because it irks me when other people do this), I am hopeful that we can share more very soon (and I PROMISE you’ll be the first to know).

Regardless, this season for us is a bit of a roller coaster, and yet — I can and do still find so much to be thankful for. Including this tasty pumpkin pie.

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Brownie Monster Cookies -- Deliciously soft and fudgy homemade cookies with classic Monster cookie flavors, like peanut butter, M&Ms and oats! @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #browniecookies #easycookierecipe #dessertrecipe

Have you ever been at the crossroads of wanting a brownie and a Monster cookie at the same time, and you’re not sure what to do about it? Me too, friend, me too. That is why I present to you these brownie Monster cookies, which combine the soft, fudgy, chocolatey-ness of brownies with the classic flavors of Monster cookies — M&Ms, chocolate chips, oats and creamy peanut butter. No longer must we live in a world where we have to choose a brownie over a cookie or vice versa — with this easy and delicious brownie Monster cookie recipe, we can have both.

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