Cinnamon Swirl Pumpkin Pie -- The only thing better than from-scratch pumpkin pie is one with a cinnamon swirl pie crust on top. @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #pierecipe #Thanksgivingrecipe #cinnamonroll

It’s here, friends: the MOST EPIC pie to grace your table, just in time for Thanksgiving. Because why just make a regular pumpkin pie when you can make a Deep-Dish Cinnamon Swirl Pumpkin Pie? That’s a rhetorical question.

How are you feeling as we enter this holiday week? Stressed? Chill? Are you hosting this year or heading out to see family? Whatever your plans, I hope you can find peace and relaxation and plenty of moments in which to feel gratitude. Despite the turkey, despite the mashed potatoes, despite the desserts, this season really is all about being thankful and remembering the blessings we have.

For me, that’s much easier said than done. To be completely honest, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed and lacking in peace and contentment. We’ve got a lot on our plates lately, and while I do apologize for being so cryptic (because it irks me when other people do this), I am hopeful that we can share more very soon (and I PROMISE you’ll be the first to know).

Regardless, this season for us is a bit of a roller coaster, and yet — I can and do still find so much to be thankful for. Including this tasty pumpkin pie.

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Brownie Monster Cookies -- Deliciously soft and fudgy homemade cookies with classic Monster cookie flavors, like peanut butter, M&Ms and oats! @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #browniecookies #easycookierecipe #dessertrecipe

Have you ever been at the crossroads of wanting a brownie and a Monster cookie at the same time, and you’re not sure what to do about it? Me too, friend, me too. That is why I present to you these brownie Monster cookies, which combine the soft, fudgy, chocolatey-ness of brownies with the classic flavors of Monster cookies — M&Ms, chocolate chips, oats and creamy peanut butter. No longer must we live in a world where we have to choose a brownie over a cookie or vice versa — with this easy and delicious brownie Monster cookie recipe, we can have both.

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No-Bake French Silk Oreo Pie | @girlversusdough

Oh hi. It’s been a few weeks, no? How are you. I hope you’re well. I’ve brought a no-bake French silk Oreo pie for us to share, so let’s each grab a slice (or two, no judgement) and catch up.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we officially now live on the road full-time as of June 29. It’s been a whirlwind of change and adjustments and new experiences, the highest highs and the lowest lows. I’m trying to give myself grace in the sense that not everything is going to just go super-smooth right out of the gate.

And yet, it’s also been so very awesome. We’ve had adventures we’ve never been able to have before because of work schedules/timing/etc., like cross the headwaters of the Mississippi River and visit the Split Rock Lighthouse and see Judy Garland’s childhood home and throw rocks from the shores of Lake Superior and see how wild rice actually grows, and this is just the beginning of our trip. We hope to do this for at least a year, but maybe longer. Who knows? Either way, each day is an experience we’ve never had before.

With all of these adjustments, however, it’s also been nice to just stay put and make a pie. Especially when that pie includes a thick Oreo crust, creamy chocolate filling, a mound of fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of even more Oreos and chocolate (because WHY NOT). And the best part is — it’s entirely no-bake, meaning you don’t have to suffer through the heat of the oven at the height of summertime. SO MUCH WIN.

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One Giant Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie | @girlversusdough

For all the questions in life, the answer is almost always this: One giant soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie.

What would make me feel awesome today? One giant soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie.

What could create world peace? One giant soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie.

What is delicious and chocolatey and more exciting than a regular chocolate chip cookie but also isn’t anything too crazy? One giant soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie.

What is something I should drop everything I’m doing right now to do instead? Make this one giant soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie.

Just saying.

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Yellow Birthday Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting | @girlversusdough

Well, I basically blinked and my baby turned one. Guys, the time FLIES. It really, really does. I can’t believe I’m a year down into this mom-of-two thing. I may have a few more wrinkles and a backlog of eleventy billion hours of sleep I need to catch up on, but man — every day spent with my two girls is sweet (and sometimes sour, when one of them steals a toy from the other one or, heaven forbid, one is eating a banana and the other one isn’t and the one who isn’t eating a banana MUST HAVE THE BANANA NOW, but I digress).

From the last week of April through the first two weeks of May, three of the four of us have birthdays. Addy’s is April 27, mine is May 8 and Avery’s is May 9. So essentially, we just have one ridiculously long birthday celebration for almost a month, with lots of cake. It’s the best.

For Addy’s birthday this year, we had a small family party with some brunch food (guys — I just discovered that I really love quiche. Quiche is tasty! Will be having more quiche in my life) and this yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting — a classic birthday cake for a really special little lady. And a good time was had by all.

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Lemon Buttermilk Sugar Cookie Tart | @girlversusdough

Today’s post is officially my last, y’all. It’s bittersweet, but we have much to look forward to on this side of the screen: Easter brunch, for one (in which this lemon buttermilk sugar cookie tart will make an appearance), springtime, my mom is coming up to visit-slash-help us prep for baby, and OH YEAH — BABY. Baby girl #2 is due any day now, and we are all at once anxious and excited and terrified and thankful. And I’m just large and in charge (except that I’m not in charge of when I actually will have this baby, so hey baby, feel free to come out anytime!). If you’re into bebe things, you can follow me on my personal Instagram (@stephmwise) for all the updates.

But first things first — this tart. It’s exactly what your Easter dessert menu needs — a soft sugar cookie crust topped with a creamy sweet-tart lemon buttermilk filling. Simple, decadent, delicious and gluten free, too! We’re winning on all counts here.

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