Joseph Joseph Bread Bin Review & Giveaway | @girlversusdough #bread #breadbin #review #giveaway

Happy day after Labor Day, friends! I know the day after a long holiday weekend can be a real downer, so I’m here for you, today, with a fun giveaway. (cue the Carlton dance!)

A few weeks ago, an awesome local-to-me modern home design purveyor called AlwaysMod contacted me about reviewing their Joseph Joseph Bread Bin 100 and a few gorgeous Lapuan Kankurit kitchen linens. Turns out I’ve been in desperate need of both (ummmm yeah, bread baker without a bread bin, that’s me) for quite some time, so I said heck yes and waited with bated breath until they arrived at my doorstep.

Joseph Joseph Bread Bin Review & Giveaway | @girlversusdough #bread #breadbin #review #giveaway

When I opened the package to see the goodies inside, I was astonished.

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Parker House Rolls and KitchenAid 11-Cup Food Processor {Giveaway} | @stephmwise

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Rolls, rolls, rolls! And no, I’m not talking about what happens to my body when I eat too many rolls. Um, awkward.

I’m just saying it’s been a bit of a bread roll party around here, and if that’s OK with you, it’s OK with me. Because when the fluffiest and softest and cuddliest — er, most delicious of Parker House rolls are invited, it’s the best kind of roll party. Whatever that is. Right.

ANYWHO. Let’s talk about (dinner) rolls!

If you’ve never made a Parker House roll from scratch before, now is the time. And if you’ve never eaten a Parker House roll before, the situation is even more dire — because you must. You must try them. They are the epitome of dinner roll goodness. When you think of the perfect dinner roll — all warm and soft and fluffy on the inside with a slight crust and crunch on the outside — you are most definitely envisioning a Parker House roll. You just might not know it. And guess what? They’re the easiest things ever to bake right at home, too. So that’s a win-win-win right there (extra win for the eating part, obviously).

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WUSTHOF Classic 7-Piece Block Set {Giveaway} | @stephmwise

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Just imagine I’m saying this post out loud in Oprah voice. Ready?

IT’S THE HOLIDAAYYYYYYYS!! And to celebrate such an occasion, a group of bloggers plus I are banding together to spread the cheer with a giveaway. A WÜSTHOF knife set giveaway!! EVERYBODY GETS A —

Oh all right, I’m done.

Anywho, just popping in on this day before the weekend to share this awesome giveaway with y’all for a WUSTHOF Classic 7-Piece Block Set to one lucky reader, valued at $300 (psst — it’s the brand’s #1 selling set during the holidays, so you know it’s good).

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Pumpkin Zucchini Bread | @stephmwise

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Sweet, pumpkiny, zucchini-y, delicious loafy goodness right thurrrr. That’s what that is.

Have I had too much coffee this morning? Mayhaps. But it’s only because I heart you and I have exciting things to tell you about/give away to you today.

So here’s a fun-slash-kinda ridiculous factoid about me: Apart from that one time I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and was averse to it (it’s like I didn’t even know myself), I haven’t gone a single day without coffee since I was 15. Right? RIGHT? I blame this on my first job being at a coffee shop. Basically my entire life has been caffeinated.

Whether this is a good or bad thing is debatable. Though according to me, I think it’s been just fine. Me has also had two full cups of coffee already, so there may be a little bias.

Pumpkin Zucchini Bread | @stephmwise

But I can’t help myself. The best part of waking up is coffee in my cup (and definitely not the kind that goes with that jingle). There are few happier moments in my day than when I take my first sip of hot coffee yum-yumminess with a hearty breakfast sitting in front of me, waiting to be devoured. And if that breakfast is this pumpkin zucchini bread? EVEN BETTER.

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Uncommon Goods Review and Giveaway |

(This giveaway is closed.)

First of all, thank you all SO much for the sweet well wishes and congrats on my blog’s fifth birthday this week — I seriously can’t even tell you how much I want to give you all hugs right now. My heart bursteth with loveth.

Second of all, the celebrating continues! Today I’m giving away another goodie for your kitchen/living needs, so get excited.

But let’s rewind a bit. It’s been a big week because we also made our annual visit to the Minnesota State Fair, a.k.a. our annual Put on Your Fat Pants and Eat All The Deep-Fried Things Because There Are No Rules Day. Over the years, Elliott and I have come up with a very streamlined system through which we are able to try as many new foods at the Fair as possible without having to keel over on a bench near the Tilt-A-Whirl and take a food coma nap. And I’ll let you in on our secret because we’re all friends here. It’s called: taking little bites. Revolutionary, I know.

We split everything and take just a few bites of each food we try, and then we either save the extras for later, toss the remnants (only in very rare cases, like with these deep-fried buckeyes that were delicious for approximately 1.5 bites and then tasted like a sugar bomb just went off in my mouth) or most likely, Elliott eats the rest of it. Because his stomach = bottomless pit. It’s amazing, really.

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Mini Brown Butter Funfetti Cupcakes + a Push Pop giveaway! |

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Five years.

This week marks five whole years since I first pressed “publish” on a post on Girl Versus Dough. INSANE.

In some ways, that feels like forever and ever ago; in others, it feels like yesterday (cliche, I know, but the truth). Never in the wildest of my wildest dreams did I think, when I first pressed “publish” then, that now I’d be sitting here, doing what I love full time — that is to say, making things like mini brown butter funfetti cupcakes and chatting you up about them (because OMG, we have to talk about these). Is this real life? I still pinch myself sometimes to make sure.

So as a thank you-slash-celebration, I’m going to be giving away a couple of fun little things this week! But first, about these cupcakes.

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