black bean enchiladas.

My family came to visit this past weekend for the Easter holiday, and I knew just what to make for dinner Friday night that was easy, filling and above all, meat-free: Enchiladas. This recipe for black bean enchiladas was a winner all-around (and, in my opinion, tasted even better than most meat-filled enchiladas I’ve had).

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homemade pizza, ya'll.

Homemade pizza = Simple. Easy. Delicious.

It’s nothing fancy, but a homemade pizza topped with fresh, meat-free ingredients is all you need for a tasty Meatless Monday dinner — and that’s just what we’re about to enjoy tonight. Bon appetit!

Homemade Veggie Pizza
A Girl Versus Dough original

(click below for the recipe)

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mexican molletes ftw.

I’m coming at you with a new series, friends! It’s called “Meatless Monday” (original, I know). Every week, I plan to post a quick and easy, real-life meatless recipe Elliott and I often eat during the week or on the weekend in hopes that, if you are aboard the Meatless Monday bandwagon, want to get on it or just need a little inspiration in the veggie department from time to time, this will help set off some creative sparks.

Why am I doing this, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

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When it comes to pizza crust, this gal doesn’t mess around. I’ve been around the block, if you will, when it comes to homemade pizza crusts. So when I find a new pizza crust recipe, it better be good.

Oh. Magosh. Did this one ever fit the bill.

You see, there are two things I love to eat more than most things in the world: Pizza and garlic bread. If these two things were their own food groups, I’d be super-duper healthy. I would freaking own the food pyramid. You get the idea — I have a serious food crush on pizza and garlic bread. So when mine eyes laid upon this particular recipe which COMBINES THE TWO, I was utterly bewitched, body and soul (all Mr. Darcy-style).

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cheesy pizza puffs.

There are so many cookies in my life right now.

Seriously — I’ve got pepperminty candy cane cookies, fudgy chocolate crinkles, peanut butter balls and snickerdoodles coming out of my ears. You’d think — and normally, I would think, too — that this is a Christmas miracle, but I’ve come to learn that my sweet tooth can handle only so many sweets. It’s a diva like that.

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Holy snowfall, Batman!

That’s right, we had our first snow here today (well, more like a rain/snow snot — yes, snot — but snow was involved). We also had the most insane wind gusts — so insane, that my poor umbrella became a casualty. I’d show you the remains, but I maintain respect for my beloved umbrella. Just imagine a tangled mess of wires and me, once dry, now soaking wet, my bangs in a bird’s nest-like shape. It was a lovely sight, I’m sure.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to coming home tonight and cozying up with my cat, my husband, a pair of warm socks and a tasty Indian dinner I had planned, complete with chapati.

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