beer-battered stuffed poblanos

After many a school bus ride, late-night sleepover and family huddle around the campfire, it’s safe to say that if you and I ever play the “What is the one food you could eat every day for the rest of your life?” game, my answer always will be Mexican food. I cannot and will not ever get enough of it. We always have the goods for quesadillas in our refrigerator; enchiladas are on a heavy dinner rotation; tacos = yes. Always; and you already know how I feel about nine-layer tostadas.

That said, a girl can get a little tired of the same old beans + meat + cheese in a tortilla situation, so when it was time for my weekly (read: daily) fix of Mexican food, I decided to mix things up a bit. Enter beer-battered bean and cheese stuffed poblano chiles. Enter magical deliciousness into my mouth. Enter my newly abridged answer to the “What is the one food you could eat every day for the rest of your life?” game: Beer-battered Mexican food. That is, if I could also wear elastic sweatpants every day (which, in some ways, I already do).

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Easter Brunch with Bisquick -- Easter Egg Pancakes

The Easter pancake fun continues! When life gives you pancake batter, you make Easter egg pancakes. Or at least that’s how it goes in my book. Especially because it’s a really good excuse to put frosting and sprinkles on your breakfast.

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easter eggs, three ways

This Easter egg-dyeing situation happened out of a moment of sheer “OhmygoshI’malmosttwentysixyearsold” panic (which is still a good month and a half away, by the way, but I like to panic early). It’s why I rolled some eggs in glitter — for my inner preteen. It’s why I wrapped parsley leaves around eggs and stained them in tea — for my great-grandmother, who passed along to me good, healthy German genes and who used to dye her eggs this way. It’s why I dip-dyed eggs, too — because, well, because my quarter-century self thinks its pretty. And I’d like to record this moment in time however I can.

(This is also my very first-ever crafty post, which I made with my mama on a recent mini getaway, so please bear with me on the less-than-stellar photography and missing step photos. I’ll blame it on being too mesmerized by the glitter.)

Let’s dye some eggs like YOLO! (Are people still saying that? I’m too old to know.)

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Brunch with Bisquick -- Bunny Butt Pancakes

Oh yes, I totally went there. I turned my pancakes into a bunny butt and it was delicious. And weird. And delicious. And fun.

And delicious.

When Bisquick and Tablespoon asked me to create a few Easter-themed pancake recipes for them, I was ALL. OVER. IT. Seriously? You want me to make pancakes? Like a whole bunch of pancakes? That’s like, what I do for my fun times. So yes, yes I will make Easter-themed pancakes and devour them all in a single sitting for you. Oh, that wasn’t part of the plan? Well, I, uh… did it anyway. And I do not regret it.

I’ll stop talking now.

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phyllo egg brunch casserole

See this?

This makes me love mornings. Well, coffee does, too, but this helps.

Flaky, buttery layers with vegetables and turkey and eggs and cheese? Oh yeah, I can get down with that. Or up, if you will — up in the morning with a yummy brunch bake. And coffee.

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nine-layer veggie tostadas

Because seven layers weren’t enough.

Because I love Mexican food.

Because — well, just because. Sometimes, an explanation isn’t necessary.

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