gruyere-rosemary beer bread

I complain about it from time to time, but I like being an adult. I like doing adult things — like buying and eating ice cream whenever I want to (and getting to choose the flavor, too — bliss!). Or going on road trips whenever and wherever I want to (and not having to sit in the back seat with my brothers who insist on turning it into a jungle gym/wrestling mat/place to throw around their smelly socks). Or doing my own hair and wearing whatever clothes I want to wear and paying taxes. Oh wait.

Or, making beer bread and drinking the leftovers. Yes. Being an adult is (mostly) swell.

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Make way for my lovely guest poster, Natalie! I might be biased (she is my sister in law, after all) but Natalie makes some of the most amazingly delicious gluten-free baked goods I’ve ever tasted in my life. MY LIFE. Being that I’m a very far cry from her level in the gluten-free baking world, I thought I’d hand over the reigns to her to share a sweet GF treat for my gluten intolerant readers… and for anyone who drools over the thought of Meyer lemon and chocolate muffins (drooling, party of one right here). Enjoy!

Hello Girl Versus Dough friends! My name is Natalie and I write over at Good Girl Style. Stephanie is my lovely sister-in-law (she married my awesome brother), so she’s awesome by association. Well, she’s awesome by herself, too, so she’s doubly awesome. We are both bakers, but for the past three years I have had to follow a strictly gluten-free diet. For a lifelong baker, this was a heartbreaking realization, and I hung up my apron for a good two years. After two years of wasting money on terrible gluten-free baked products, I decided to pick up my wooden spoon and get back in the kitchen. 

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chai-spiced coconut pear bread. // Girl Versus Dough

So… this is not what I intended to make.

You know how they say when life gives you persimmons, make chai-spiced coconut pear bread? Oh, they don’t? Well that’s what I heard the other day.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I bought persimmons for the first time in my life. I don’t know why I’d never bought or tried persimmons before — they look so cute and delicious sitting there in the produce aisle, but my hands usually reach for the plums or the apricots or the apples because we’ve been friends for years and I know what they taste like and I like living in my regular fruit bubble.

ANYWAY, one day I decided to leave the bubble and I grabbed the last four persimmons left in their section, sitting snugly under the “Hachiya persimmons” sign (which, as I learned in my research, is the best type of persimmon used for baking, as opposed to the Fuyu), and paid a whopping $6 for them. But it was worth it, I said to myself, because I was going to use them in a quick bread: One with persimmons and ginger and bourbon (See? Worth it).

So one morning, I retrieved my beloved new persimmons from the fridge, flipped them over to remove their stickers and there it was, staring me in the face.

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panettone muffins, yeah!

Say you just moved six hours away from your old roost to a new one (with so much light! off the lake! and a weird creature that swims in it that we have yet to identify!). Say you’d recently gone a few days without shaving your legs or painting your nails (this is real talk. Let’s go with it). Say you’ve eaten way too many Thanksgiving leftovers and mini chocolates with almonds and toffee in them that your mom-in-law gifted you that you love but also curse while you run on the treadmill (read: Motivation) (also read: I ran. On a treadmill. #bignews). Say you feel like you just rolled yourself out of bed after a long winter’s vacation snooze and suddenly realized it’s Christmas in less than a month and you’ve got a looooooot of shopping to do. Say you’re kind of freaking out.

I know how you feel. And the remedy is muffins. And mayhaps a good ol’ nail-painting sesh.

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roasted pumpkin spoonbread.

Things I’ve Learned Lately:

1) Giving the janitor in the cafeteria a confused/terrified look when he tries to flirtatiously joke with you will immediately stop him from flirtatiously joking with you.

2) A big bear hug is just as well accepted as a purchased gift, except the former is free.

3) Buy the wine you bought just because it was named “Fancy Pants” again, because it was delicious.

4) Vegetarian sushi is not and never will be the same as non-vegetarian sushi. Don’t even pretend.

5) Your gut is a powerful and prophetic thing. Go with it.

6) Never be crazy enough to jump out of anything — planes, helicopters, spacecrafts, etc. It’s not that you’re a scaredy cat — it’s just that God firmly planted your feet on this ground for a reason and you’re smart enough to stay put.

7) It’s OK to be a scaredy cat sometimes.

8) Be patient. Sometimes it means the difference between your favorite mug being clean and your favorite mug falling to the floor and shattering into a bazillion pieces.

9) Down time is good. It does not always mean you’re lazy. Unless you haven’t gotten out of your pajamas all day — in which case, yes, you probably are lazy, but it’s still OK sometimes.

10) Love those crazy people in your life every day because, let’s be honest, you’re probably a little bit crazy, too, and they love you anyway.

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maple stout quick bread.

Forgive me for being a little short on words today. Things — life things, specifically (which is so non-specific, I know) — have been topsy-turvy and my focus and speech have lately been sacrificed for the greater good of keeping myself from losing my metaphorical marbles. I also forgot to brush my teeth one day (gross) and once I almost tried to remove lint (read: Copious amounts of cat hair, because my life is so glamorous) from my sweater with a duster instead of a lint roller (we may never know how these two things were mistaken for the other).

Suffice it to say, I hope that in a week or two, I’ll have many more words and good news to share and, of course, several more recipes for you to make and eat up. And hopefully, a functioning brain.

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