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Thank You Day with Merci | @girlversusdough

Gratitude is something we often have for others, but is not something we often express. I know in our own little family we do our best to say “thank you” as often as we can — it’s important to us to know that we are grateful for each other and thankful for what we do for each other, no matter how simple the act.

But nobody’s perfect. And in the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to say those two words to those we care about, even if we feel thankful in our hearts. This season of life for us is especially busy — we are building a house, we are working, we are traveling, we are heading from errands to meetings to play dates and back again. I know you probably feel the same way, too. But maybe it’s time to take a moment, just one moment, to show someone in your life that you care about them — with chocolate.

And what better day to do it than today, on National Thank You Day?

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Life, Lately | @girlversusdough

I feel as though it’s been a literal age since I last updated you on what’s going on behind the blog, so I thought I’d take this moment to fix that. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a doughnut (yes, yes, definitely a doughnut), and let’s chat!

First, can we take a look at that peony in the photo above? A co-worker of mine brought those from her garden into work this week and they are STUNNING. And huge. Like, the size of my head. And I get to look at them all day long from my work kitchen and they make me so happy.

Second, my child just turned two years old a couple of weeks ago, so THAT gives me all the feels.

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On Miscarriage | @girlversusdough

A couple of weeks ago, I found out I had a miscarriage. What I expected to be a routine 11-week appointment and my very first ultrasound where I would get to see my baby for the first time, see it bounce around on the black and white screen, its little heartbeat aflutter, ended abruptly with the news from my doctor that in fact, my baby had not made it past 9 weeks. The feeling I had in that exact moment is difficult to describe — it was as if the room was expanding, exhaling, to an infinite scale, and then immediately contracting, closing in, the walls so tight around me I could barely breathe. I saw her words — “I’m concerned this is a miscarriage” — spoken to me directly, but I heard them as though echoed from across a long hallway, to the general air around her. Not to me, surely. This couldn’t be happening to me.

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How to Proof or Activate Dry Yeast {VIDEO} | @girlversusdough

Hi hi hiiiiiiiii! It’s Thursday, which is almost Friday, which is almost the weekend, and I’m in South Carolina this week with some blogger friends wearing leggings (mandatory), eating delicious food (naturally) and talking shop/non-shop, nonstop (love). It’s been a great getaway so far and I will share more details later (though you can follow along on the shenanigans via Snapchat –> stephmwise), but for now, let’s talk about the fact that I made you another video (!!!).

I’m really trying to get the hang of this video thing, as it’s, uh, not my forte. This is why I blog behind a computer screen where I can type up words and edit them before I share them with the world (though that doesn’t really stop me from oversharing anyway, but I digress). With video, I can edit all of my blunders, too, but people, there are SO MANY BLUNDERS. Ask the husband, who typically acts as my cameraman/director/warn-er of “babe, you’ve said ‘um’ a dozen times in the last five seconds and also have not blinked.” Bless him. But I’m going to keep practicing, and while video obviously will never take over on this blog, it may make an appearance more often, especially when I feel it is more helpful than just looking at photos.

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2016 Girl Versus Dough Reader Survey | @girlversusdough

It’s that time again!

The time when I ask you all the most pressing questions about your life, like how do you get out of bed right when your alarm goes off, or how do you make your hair look so cute like that, or how do you manage to make that smoky eye look good instead of like raccoon eyes, or how do you style those Instagram photos so amazingly, or — actually, it’s not any of those things (though if you have tips on them, let. me. know.).

It’s actually more of the “whaddya think about this blog?” variety. The “what do you want to see more of around here?” kind. More carbs? More meals? More anything? More everything?

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A Baker's Dozen: 13 (More) Baking Tips & Tricks to Become a Better Baker | @girlversusdough

This post is the fourth and final in a short series I’m be doing this month on the blog called “A Baker’s Dozen.” Each week, I’ll share a post with 13 (get it?) tips, tricks and/or tools to help you become a better baker (though I think you’re pretty great already). Today’s post: Top 13 baking tips and tricks (from the best of the best) to help you become a better baker.

This is my last post in this series and, frankly, I’m a little sad about it. It’s been fun chatting with you about all things baking! And I hope you’ve had fun, too.

But, all good things must come to an end (though maybe I’ll keep this series running with a post every now and then? Mysteries…) and I’m ending this one on a high note. Because while I might know a few things about baking from my own trials and tribulations in the kitchen throughout the years, the interwebs knows EVERYTHING. And even more specifically, bloggers know a ton about baking. So I’ve rounded up a few baking tips and tricks that I’ve found/bookmarked/have memorized like the back of my hand at this point that I think you’ll find incredibly helpful, too. Plus, there are photos of cupcakes and cookies and sprinkles below, so let’s get to it!

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