Malted Chocolate Fudge Stuffed Cupcakes with Rainbow Chip Frosting | @girlversusdough

Question for you: What could be better than a malted chocolate fudge stuffed cupcake?

A malted chocolate fudge stuffed cupcake topped with RAINBOW CHIP FROSTING, that’s what.

It’s back, you guys! The frosting with the fun little rainbow-colored chips is back! I could do a jig about it, I’m so happy. But to save us all from that embarrassing display of affection, instead I will eat a cupcake in celebration.

Actually, make that two cupcakes.

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Buckwheat Dutch Baby with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote and Basil Whipped Cream | @girlversusdough

It has been an age and a half since I’ve had a Dutch baby pancake. And I don’t know why, really, because every time I do actually enjoy one I always say to myself (probably with a mouthful of pancake), “Self, you should really eat Dutch baby pancakes more often.” I never listen.

That especially was the case this weekend, when I decided to break my two year long streak of non-Dutch baby pancake breakfasting by making this buckwheat Dutch baby. I had already eaten breakfast that day, but when this beauty emerged from the oven at mid-morning, all warm and topped with a fresh, fruity compote and cool basil whipped cream, I knew a second breakfast was in order.

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Za'atar Focaccia | @girlversusdough

We’re heading into Memorial Day weekend (ummm, WHAT. How. When.) with no plans whatsoever. Elliott has to work the entire weekend (boo!), so it’ll be me, Avery and this za’atar focaccia bread (yay!) all weekend long.

So, actually, I lied. Because my plans this weekend are to devour this bread slice after slice. If it even makes it to the weekend.

I’m hoping there also will be some warmth and sunshine, too — maybe even a few walks or trips to the lake — but if nothing else, I know my carb needs for the holiday weekend will be met. That is top priority, really.

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Hazelnut Rye Rolls | @girlversusdough

If you want your house to smell like sweet, home-baked goodness, if you want something swirly and hazelnut-y and cinnamon-y, if you love the taste of rye bread but also cinnamon rolls, if you need an idea of what to eat for breakfast for the rest of your life, folks, make these hazelnut rye rolls.

And even if none of the above applies to you but you are still a fellow carb lover, you should make these hazelnut rye rolls. If nothing else, do it for the glaze: the drippy cream cheese glaze. OK and maybe also the sweet swirly filling. Oh, and the buttery rye roll itself, YES. It’s just the right thing to do.

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Sriracha Peanut Kettle Corn | @girlversusdough

I’m no Shakespeare (duh). But if I was, I would wax poetic all day long about popcorn: specifically, this popcorn. It’s sweet and spicy and totally addictive and, well, should I compare it to a summer’s day? It is more lovely and more temperate — AND SCENE.

Truly, though, if your love of the popcorn is anything remotely near the level that mine is (that is to say, I eat a bowl of it at least every other day, true story), I implore you to mix things up for your next bowlful and make this sriracha peanut kettle corn. It might even make you bust out into sonnet, too.

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Cheesy Mexican Couscous Casserole | @stephmwise

Let’s be real: In a world of casseroles, the cheesiest one is king.

And in my house, the crown goes to this creamy, cheesy Mexican couscous casserole. It’s made with chicken and black beans and salsa and sour cream and DID I MENTION THE MELTY, OOEY-GOOEY CHEESE. Because there’s a lot of it in there. And I kind of love it.

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