Homemade Soft Flatbread | girlversusdough.com

Do you ever have one of those meals that just sticks in your mind days and days after you’ve eaten it because it was juuuuusst soooooooo gooooood?

Of course you do. Because you love food, like me. You are my people.

Welp, that happened to me most recently with a chicken and gyro shawarma pita sandwich. THIS pita sandwich, to be exact.

Right? Right?? Even looking at it makes me weak in the knees.

So obviously my natural reaction was to recreate this beauty in my own kitchen as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately that was a whole week later and it was torturous, BUT — the end result was fantastic. And I’m so jazzed to share it with you.

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Homemade Sourdough Bread, Step by Step | girlversusdough.com

Awwwwwwww man, you guys. This post. THIS BREAD. It’s been a very long time coming.

Remember when I said I wanted to make more basic bread recipes for all y’alls on here? Well, that was the push I needed to finally get my hands dirty in the sourdough bucket, if you will (that sounds so gross, actually. Pretend I never said that).

I don’t know what it was about the good ol’ sourdough that made me so nervous. Probably the same thing that makes me nervous to make things like macarons, cheesecakes and puff pastries — precision, energy and patience that may end up yielding an epic fail. BUT! Having now made the sourdough, I am here to tell you that it is, in fact, not scary at all and while yes, patience is required, truly I tell you it is one of the easiest breads I have made in my years of carbo-loading bread baking.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to drop everything and make yo’self some sourdough today (OK OK, you can have your coffee first), I have some nifty step-by-step photos for you, so it’s like we’re making sourdough together! Which would be my favorite thing, ever. REALLY. Please come over and let’s hang out and bake schtuff.

Here we go!

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mini cheesy pretzel dogs

Mmmk so let’s be honest — even though it’s summertime and the kids are out of school and you’re probably (hopefully!) getting those Friday half-day summer hours at the office (at least my friend has these; but she also has things like luaus and pajama parties at her office, so let’s all be jealous for a second and then move along) and Minnesota is ridiculously beautiful right now — I’m coping with a major case of wanderlust. And by coping, I mean stuffing my face with things like mini cheesy pretzel dogs because SOMEBODY is keeping a vacation out of reach for quite a while. Pssh. The nerve.

But really, if I can’t travel to the shores of the Caribbean or the top of the Rockies or the castles of Germany or the… uh… well, anything of Bali (what is in Bali, anyway? Not sure, but I so want to go to there) or in my friend Erin’s case, the farmers markets and bakeries of France, I can be down with my alternative plan, which, as mentioned above, involves copious amounts of mini cheesy pretzel dogs. And baby snuggles.

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asparagus and pancetta pesto pizza

I’m taking some time off the next few weeks to spend with my family and our upcoming bundle of joy. In the meantime, I’ve asked a few of my amazingly talented blogger friends to fill in with guest posts. Everyone welcome Julia of The Roasted Root, who, as you well know if you follow her blog (and if you don’t yet, DO IT. Pretty please.) makes a mean… well, everything. Huge thanks to her for making this stellar pizza recipe for us all to drool over!

Howdy, GvDers! Julia here from The Roasted Root! Just like you, I adore Stephanie and all of her dough-y (and non-dough-y) creations. I was thrilled when she asked me to pop in for a guest post while she and her husband prepare for their new little one. Can you just not wait to see photos of their bouncing baby girl? Me neither!

So. Dough. I figured I’d bring a spring pizza from my neck of the woods to Steph’s since we all know she has stellar pizza dough recipes. Have you tried her No-Knead Pizza Dough or her Beer Pizza Crust? Ohhhh the pizza-bilities! When I bake, I do so sans gluten, but I have yet to come up with my very own neato gluten-free pizza dough recipe. For this reason, I took the easy route with this pizza and used Bob’s Red Mill’s Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix. Works like a charm every time!

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homemade english muffins

Whenever I eat/make English muffins, I think about how they’re probably the only food on Earth to which I would refer as having “nooks and crannies” and how I don’t even really know what a cranny is but I know they’re in English muffins along with the nooks and that both are absolutely required as butter receptacles in the perfect English muffin and hooray for run-on sentences about English muffins.

But seriously, have you ever had an English muffin without the nooks and crannies? It’s just not the same. It’s like eating a hockey puck of bread. But add the nooks and crannies and, suddenly, that hockey puck is actually a soft, chewy, delicious circle of bread just begging to be toasted and topped with butter, jam and/or cheese with a runny egg on top, oooooh yes. Dream a little dream with me about that for a sec.

OK, back to the muffins. One of my goals this year for the bloggity blog is to post more classic bread-related recipes — things like these English muffins, for example — so you lovely people can be more like, “Hey, I really want a good recipe for [that very common thing but in homemade form],” and you can search for it on my blog and it’ll be there, waiting for you, shining bright like a diamond. Or a buttery English muffin.

So if there are any classic bread recipes you don’t find here but would like to see (loaves, rolls, buns, biscuits, anything and everything!), please let me know in the comments. I can’t promise I will be able to deliver on all of them, but I will do my best. Kthanks.

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garlic cheddar brioche buns

It’s Friiiiiday, Friiiiiday, gotta get down on…

Ahem. Friday.

But seriously, I could not be more ready for the weekend. The weather here might not say so but it IS springtime, dangit, and we’re planning on living it up for dinner at least once this weekend by grilling. This is about as exciting as our life gets right now, you guys, as we wait for baby to arrive (then life will REALLY get exciting… gah). I am slowly narrowing the radius for acceptable driving distances from our house/the hospital each and every day. As the husband so aptly put it, “It’s like we’re living in The Truman Show.”

Well hey, as long as there are burgers on garlic cheddar brioche buns to be had inside the bubble, I’m cool with it.

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