Caramel Coconut Chocolate Chip Bars | @girlversusdough

I am sitting on the floor of our apartment writing to you to let you know two things: 1) We are alive! (despite the fact that I’m waist-deep in moving boxes) and 2) These Caramel Coconut Chocolate Chip Bars? They’re INCREDIBLE. And they’re gluten free, too!

So maybe that’s more than two things, but the point is this: When you decide to move your entire house into a two-bedroom apartment for a short time, or you need an easy and simple and delicious dessert to feed everyone who is helping you move (MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU, Mom and Dad), or you just have an insane hankering for chocolate chip cookies with a little extra something, these bars are for you.

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Breakfast Egg and Cheese Muffins | @girlversusdough

Hello! I am writing to you from the depths of moving boxes upon moving boxes. Actually, that is a lie — we are far from being fully packed here, and we move out in less than a week. (!) NOT PANICKING. Just gonna sit here and eat another breakfast egg and cheese muffin to prepare myself for all the packing and not panicking.

It’s hard to be motivated to pack when we are relocating ourselves to an apartment for a few months while the new house is still being built, but such is life. The apartment is actually pretty great, and it might even be fun to feel like we’re “camping out” for a while. But I know that, come December, I will be itching like no other to move into our new home. Counting down the days.

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Minty Lemonade Slush | @girlversusdough

Our little family is heading to the Minnesota State Fair today (barn animals! crowds! butter sculptures! foods on sticks!), as is tradition. And it’s the unofficial official last week of summer. This is a big deal, you guys. Let’s soak it all up, minty lemonade slush style.

This tasty bev is actually in part a homage to our dear state fair, as every year I’ve gone I’ve made a beeline to the Holy Land Deli concession stand in the International Bazaar (near the haunted house and the dairy building, naturally) where they sell the most delicious mint lemonade you could ever have. It’s thirst-quenching, it’s refreshing, it’s sweet, it’s minty, it’s tart, it’s everything you always wanted in a summertime drink. I’ll be making that beeline again today for sure, but to know I can also just walk into my kitchen and have the same experience is a heavenly revelation.

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Blackberry Black Bottom Pie | @girlversusdough

The only thing better than pie, in my opinion, is a pie with a layer of chocolate at the bottom. And that’s exactly what this Blackberry Black Bottom Pie delivers.

It also happens to deliver a creamy cheesecake-like layer, as well as a topping of fresh blackberries tossed in a sweet compote. All of this is placed on top of a flaky, buttery crust. It’s exactly what your weekend needs (if you can wait that long). You’re welcome.

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Spiralized Zucchini Nachos | @girlversusdough

Nachos: Let’s discuss.

How do you like ’em? Are you the kind of person who likes every chip to have equal amounts of all of the toppings (um hai, that’s me, Miss Perfectionist/Slightly OCD)? Do you like plain chips with melted cheese, no extra toppings needed? Do you like real cheese or that fake hella-yellow cheese sauce made from… I don’t even know, not cheese? These are the important questions of our time.

For me, these spiralized zucchini nachos are exactly how I want nachos to be: Extra loaded with toppings. Equal distribution. Mega flavor. Lots of (REAL) cheese. And oh so easy!

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Chocolate Chip Muesli Bagels | @girlversusdough

When I think about these chocolate chip muesli bagels, I think about all of those times in my past when I would eat plain whole wheat bagels for breakfast, and I weep. Because I could have been having a chocolate chip muesli bagel instead.

These bagels, my friends? They are the business. The bagel business. They will up your breakfast game like you wouldn’t believe, they’re satisfying and delicious, and the best part? They’re easy. I mean it! I even have a video in this post showing you how to shape them so you’re ready to roll into bageldom without fear.

So let’s do this! (No plain whole wheat bagels lovers welcome.) (JUST KIDDING.)

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