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First of all, thank you all SO much for the sweet well wishes and congrats on my blog’s fifth birthday this week — I seriously can’t even tell you how much I want to give you all hugs right now. My heart bursteth with loveth.

Second of all, the celebrating continues! Today I’m giving away another goodie for your kitchen/living needs, so get excited.

But let’s rewind a bit. It’s been a big week because we also made our annual visit to the Minnesota State Fair, a.k.a. our annual Put on Your Fat Pants and Eat All The Deep-Fried Things Because There Are No Rules Day. Over the years, Elliott and I have come up with a very streamlined system through which we are able to try as many new foods at the Fair as possible without having to keel over on a bench near the Tilt-A-Whirl and take a food coma nap. And I’ll let you in on our secret because we’re all friends here. It’s called: taking little bites. Revolutionary, I know.

We split everything and take just a few bites of each food we try, and then we either save the extras for later, toss the remnants (only in very rare cases, like with these deep-fried buckeyes that were delicious for approximately 1.5 bites and then tasted like a sugar bomb just went off in my mouth) or most likely, Elliott eats the rest of it. Because his stomach = bottomless pit. It’s amazing, really.

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Mini Brown Butter Funfetti Cupcakes + a Push Pop giveaway! | girlversusdough.com

(This giveaway is closed.)

Five years.

This week marks five whole years since I first pressed “publish” on a post on Girl Versus Dough. INSANE.

In some ways, that feels like forever and ever ago; in others, it feels like yesterday (cliche, I know, but the truth). Never in the wildest of my wildest dreams did I think, when I first pressed “publish” then, that now I’d be sitting here, doing what I love full time — that is to say, making things like mini brown butter funfetti cupcakes and chatting you up about them (because OMG, we have to talk about these). Is this real life? I still pinch myself sometimes to make sure.

So as a thank you-slash-celebration, I’m going to be giving away a couple of fun little things this week! But first, about these cupcakes.

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40+ Zucchini and Corn Recipes | girlversusdough.com

So it’s nearing the end of the season (wwhhyyyyy???) and I feel like I failed summer. As in, I just really didn’t get to enjoy it like it’s made to be enjoyed, you know? I never once put on my swimsuit, I didn’t have a single bonafide beach day, I didn’t get to go for a long bike ride in the 90-degree heat and sweat through every pore of my body (attractive.) or enjoy an outdoor concert (that one’s changing this weekend, though, if that rain stays away. STAY AWAY, RAIN).

This is all thanks to the little munchkin who was born right at the start of summer, so I’m not mad. I’d much rather chomp on chubby cheeks and sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” for hours and hours (OK like maybe 45 minutes, but still) than roast in the sun on a beach towel. Truly. Also we already have family vacation plans to a warm, sunny, beachy location next year so maybe that’s what’s keeping me going, I do not know.

That being said, I have very much enjoyed summer in the form of food. I recently polished off an entire pineapple with my by myself this week (some of it in my guacamole!), I have had no less than five drippy ice creams on cones and I’ve probably devoured enough zucchini and corn to last a lifetime, and yet I am not sick of it one bit. Because whenever I think I might be, I remember that The Season That Shall Not Be Named and its dearth of fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables is inching ever closer and so in protest, I will continue to eat all the zucchini and corn.

In case you, too, are on the zucchini and corn bandwagon like me and/or are drowning in the bumper crop of either, I’ve gathered a roundup of tasty recipes for you from the Interwebs! Feast your eyes on more than 40 recipes that include zucchini and/or corn, startinggg…… now.

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Grilled Pineapple and Coconut Guacamole | girlversusdough.com

What more is there to say about guacamole, really, except the following: THAT. YUM. GIMME.

The speech gets even fuzzier when this grilled pineapple and coconut guacamole is placed in front of me. In fact, I’ll probably skip talking altogether and go straight for the chips. Because when it comes to good guac, manners just get in the way.

So if you come to my house and guacamole is being served (which happens often), I hereby grant you the right to leave your elbows on the table, grab the chips and get to dipping straight into the bowl. As I will be doing samesies.

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Three Bean Chili Polenta Pot Pie | girlversusdough.com

What’s this, you ask? A vegetarian pot pie with three beans and a polenta crust? Why yes it is, you smarty pants, you.

But this isn’t just any polenta pot pie, ya know. It’s the most delicious, most filling and most satisfying meatless pot pie I ever did eat. And for someone whose hunger has been known, at times, to take down the amount of food a football player probably consumes in one sitting (or Gaston with his eggs), that’s a very good thing.

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S'mores Hand Pies | girlversusdough.com

Because Monday. Because pretzels and pie and chocolate and marshmallows. Because summertime.

You know, in case you needed excuses to make these hand pies as soon as humanly possible.

I feel like s’mores are having their moment this summer — you agree, yes? The flavor combo is popping up everywhere and in so many mega-yummy ways. So of course, being the bandwagon jumper I am, I had to join the party with stuffed pretzels because it’s what I do. And sweet + salty gets me every time.

So in case you feel like you haven’t had your fair share of s’mores things this season (if there is such a thing as too many s’mores… I mean, the name itself implies its impossibility), now’s the time to join the bandwagon with me and make this recipe. Then we can all gather ’round and eat s’mores hand pies and swap ghost stories around a fire and sing “Kumbaya” together.

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