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(Healthier) Bacon, Kale and Roasted Tomato Eggs Benedict {KitchenAid Blender Giveaway} | @stephmwise

I like to think of this as a healthy BLT. Or an excuse to eat a BLT for breakfast (if we need one). Because bacon + kale + tomatoes + lightened up “hollandaise” sauce + whole-grain toast + an egg on it = maximum health! Says myself, anyway.

You see, I simultaneously love and hate the new year thing. I love that, in some ways, it feels like a time to hit the reset button, to start fresh. It’s a time to set new goals and write new lists in our new planners, to plan ways to cross things off our bucket lists (or start them) and seek to feel whole again. But at the same time, it’s all so daunting. I feel like I can barely remember to put socks on both feet these days, but now I also have to fit in time to declutter the house and do yoga and eat healthier and read the Top 50 Banned Books? Oy. It’s almost enough for me to scrap it all, put my one-socked feet up and eat a doughnut while not reading.

So this year, I’m not seeking to start over. I’m not touching the reset button. Instead, I am going to be intentional with my everyday choices. So when, say, it’s time to eat breakfast, I will choose to eat a more whole, healthier meal rather than that doughnut I dream about (most of the time anyway; lest you be fooled, I will always make room for doughnuts). Enter this healthier bacon, kale and roasted tomato eggs benedict. YASSS.

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Cheese Balls Three Ways | @stephmwise

Is it New Year’s Eve yet? Because I made these cheese balls during a mild case of the sads-after-Christmas and I may or may not have eaten my way through half of each before the holiday for which they are appointed ← that’d be New Year’s Eve, FYI. Christmas was for cookies (ALL. THE. COOKIES).

Oy. I mean really, can we back up a bit and discuss how many dang cookies I ate this past week? Um, let’s not actually. You would be appalled/impressed.

Anywho, cheese balls. I don’t know why and/or how this cheese-loving girl has gone all her life without having made one from scratch. Yeah haiiii I’m the one who’s been eating those store-bought cheese balls all these years. Hiding my head in shame as I swipe another cracker into one of these HOMEMADE cheese balls.

Cheese Balls Three Ways | @stephmwise

And by homemade, I mean I shaped some stuff into a ball and called it an appetizer. EASY/YUMMY/INSTANT APPETIZER TIMES.

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Merry Christmas from the Wises!

Just popping in to wish you all, my dear readers and friends, a very peaceful and joyous holiday season and a very merry Christmas.

Thank you all for being here. Thanks for joining me on this journey of carb love. Thanks for making this the best year yet.

Love to you from Stephanie, Elliott and Avery!


15 Holiday Bread Recipes | @stephmwise

The question you should be asking yourself is not if you’ll be baking any holiday bread recipes, but rather which one. I KNOW — it’s a tough decision. But not to worry, as I’ve compiled a list of not one, not five, but 15 solidly awesome and delicious options for you to choose from. Hooray for the holidays! Also, hooray for bread.

(FYI, there are eleventy billion more options here, here and here, should you decide this list just isn’t enough. I completely understand).

Wheat Brioche Danish with Honey-Glazed Apricots | @stephmwise

The only thing I love more than one of these Wheat Brioche Danish with Honey-Glazed Apricots is two of them. Preferably devoured all at once.

Sweet Potato Marshmallow Cinnamon Rolls | @stephmwise

Sweet Potato Marshmallow Cinnamon Rolls, a.k.a., can my pillow be made of these?

Oatmeal Pan Rolls | @stephmwise

These Oatmeal Pan Rolls called and they want to be a part of your Christmas dinner plans in a big way.

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Cranberry Walnut Bagels | @stephmwise

First, we had peppermint brownies. Then, carmelitas. Now, these cranberry walnut bagels. In other news, I am officially set for the winter with carbs (lolololololz, just kidding. I can never have too many carbs).

Speaking of carbs, a story: Last week, my husband approached me with an idea. “I’m reading a preview of this book,” he said. “OK,” I said, probably while eating one of the aforementioned carbs. “It’s called ‘Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog.’ I think I want to order it,” he said.

Here’s where you think I’m totally kidding about the title of the book. I am not. This is real life, guys.

Continuing: “From what I’ve read so far, the writer says you should eat more fatty foods like bacon and cheese and fewer carbs like bread and bagels. What do you think?”

It’s like the man doesn’t even know me.

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Carmelitas (Oatmeal Caramel Chocolate Bars) | @stephmwise

Oatmeal and caramel and chocolate all rolled into one decadent dessert bar? OKYESPLEASE.

That’s what you get when you bake these carmelitas — a double-layer of oatmeal cookie goodness sandwiching layers of smooth, chewy, ooey-gooey caramel, melted chocolate chips and toasted nuts.

It’s not even Christmas and I’m already getting out my fat pants.

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