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Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan | @girlversusdough

This is a big week ahead. My mom is coming to town this weekend, my birthday is next week, my baby’s ONE YEAR birthday (!) is the day after that, I’m going to see Death Cab for Cutie in concert for the first time ever, which is a total bucket list thing for me, AND I’ll be diving into this slow cooker chicken parmesan for dinner probably no less than three nights in a row, which is also a total bucket list thing for me. I am so excited about all of it.

What, you don’t have this slow cooker chicken parmesan on your bucket list, too? Well, you should. Because it’s so easy and so tasty and so cheesy and so flavorful and actually, make that four nights in a row that I’ll be having this for dinner. With leftovers for lunch the next day.

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Spiced Lentils with Poached Eggs | @girlversusdough

I was vegetarian for a while. Did you know that? I feel like almost everyone who was vegetarian and now isn’t has had a similar experience: He couldn’t live without bacon. She couldn’t pass up any opportunity for a burger. For me, it was neither — it was simply that I had one too many bad experiences with bland, boring, uninspired vegetarian dishes, and I didn’t know how to cook any good meat-free dishes in my own home (besides a mean grilled cheese, that is. Perhaps I’ll share that recipe another day).

And so, since man and woman cannot live on grilled cheese alone (or at least I couldn’t, though I tried), I started incorporating meat back into my diet. And now, years later, I often find myself enjoying vegetarian dishes more than anything with meat. Funny how that works.

Of course, having bloggers like Erin of Naturally Ella to go to for veggie-filled inspiration helps. That girl knows her way around a vegetable, let me tell you. She’s also a cookbook author twice over. When I met her in person last summer, I quickly realized, too, that she’s a true gem of a lady. And she’s also about to become a mom to a baby boy. So what better way to celebrate her and her upcoming bundle of baby joy than with a super-quick, super-easy vegetarian recipe of celebratory proportions? ← That would be this lentil dish, FYI. Believe it.

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Hazelnut Rye Rolls | @girlversusdough

If you want your house to smell like sweet, home-baked goodness, if you want something swirly and hazelnut-y and cinnamon-y, if you love the taste of rye bread but also cinnamon rolls, if you need an idea of what to eat for breakfast for the rest of your life, folks, make these hazelnut rye rolls.

And even if none of the above applies to you but you are still a fellow carb lover, you should make these hazelnut rye rolls. If nothing else, do it for the glaze: the drippy cream cheese glaze. OK and maybe also the sweet swirly filling. Oh, and the buttery rye roll itself, YES. It’s just the right thing to do.

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Sriracha Peanut Kettle Corn | @girlversusdough

I’m no Shakespeare (duh). But if I was, I would wax poetic all day long about popcorn: specifically, this popcorn. It’s sweet and spicy and totally addictive and, well, should I compare it to a summer’s day? It is more lovely and more temperate — AND SCENE.

Truly, though, if your love of the popcorn is anything remotely near the level that mine is (that is to say, I eat a bowl of it at least every other day, true story), I implore you to mix things up for your next bowlful and make this sriracha peanut kettle corn. It might even make you bust out into sonnet, too.

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Matcha Mint Cookies & Cream Ice Cream | @girlversusdough


Sorry, don’t mean to shout. Except that I do. Because totally vegan yet totally delicious matcha mint cookies and cream ice cream is worth shouting about. There is no other way to convey its tastiness except for maybe sharing the fact that I’ve been eating it every day by the scoopful (more accurately, scoops-ful).

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Double Cheese Crab Dip | @girlversusdough

Double the cheese, a bunch of the crab, none of the crabbiness, all of the tastiness. That’s what this dip is all about!

Wait, is that a children’s song? I don’t remember. My mind is too preoccupied with party things and my mouth is too full of this cheesy crab dip to think about it too much.

You see, my newborn, my baby girl, the one I gave birth to, you know, like, two weeks ago? She’s almost a year old. In T-minus less than a month, I will be throwing her first birthday party. There will be balloons and flowers and colorful pom pom decorations and banners and a cake and appetizers like this dip and also maybe a lot of tears from yours truly over the fact that she’s turning one and I don’t know how to deal. At least there will be cake and this crab dip (and probably some vino, WHO CAN SAY) to help me out.

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