Nutella-Swirled Cappuccino Cheesecake Bars |

Oh me oh my oh YUM.

That’s what I always say to myself when I take a bite of one of these delicious Nutella-swirled cappuccino cheesecake bars.

You read that right: Nutella. Plus cappuccino. Plus cheesecake. In bar form, with a chocolate cookie crust. Glory glory, hooray!, huzzah!, oh me oh my oh YUM.

Remember that one time I told you about a salted caramel peanut butter cream pie and Liberté’s new caramel-flavored yogurt? Welllll, now is the time when I tell you that they also are about to come out with a cappuccino-flavored yogurt, which only further reenforces my plans to camp outside the grocery store until both yogurts are in stock. WHO’S WITH ME? (For extra motivation, see above, Nutella-swirled cappuccino cheesecake bars.)

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Roasted Summer Vegetable Soup |

Something I have quickly learned as a parent is the art of multitasking — that is to say, eating/brushing my teeth/cleaning/etc. with one hand. This art is of particular importance when it comes to mealtime, because a) I get hangry oooooh so easily (this may or may not be the story of my life when snacks are scarce) so I can’t always let baby-holding get in the way of eating and b) just because we have a baby doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat healthy, satisfying food.

But lawdy, had I known how tough it would be to even microwave a frozen burrito and eat with a baby around, I would have gone to all the fancy restaurants and ordered all the fancy foods that you have to eat with both hands just because they would be few and far between (read: nonexistent) post-baby. Though my bank account (and probably my waistline) are happy I didn’t.

BUT I DIGRESS. Because I’m really here to chat it up with you about this roasted summer vegetable soup, also known as a super yummy, easy, healthy and hearty dinner that anyone can make, one-handed or otherwise. Got roasted or grilled veggies and a blender? You’re already halfway there! That’s how simple this scrumptious soup is (ah, alliteration).

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Scotcheroo Ice Cream |

It is a darn shame that this was the first time I used my ice cream maker this summer. That’s not to say this is my first time having eaten ice cream this summer because, hello, ice cream. I actually might be a little ashamed (or proud?) to tell you just how much ice cream I have consumed thus far this season.

But that is neither here nor there — what is important is this ice cream, ladies and gents. This homemade scotcheroo-flavored ice cream. This glorious, homemade scotcheroo-flavored ice cream. This magical, glorious, homemade scotcheroo-flavored ice cream. This — well, you get my point.

Pause: Do you know the goodness I am referring to that is a scotcheroo? I first tried the treats when I was a reporter in Iowa and we had potlucks every now and then so as to boost workplace morale (and/or have an excuse to eat cheese dip from a slow cooker and five different kinds of dessert for lunch. #memories). I’m pretty sure I wolfed down no less than threeve of the yummy little chocolate-covered, peanut buttery and butterscotchy crispy bars right after my first-ever bite. It was instant love. And I haven’t had a scotcheroo since.

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Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs |

I realllllly wanted to title this post “slow cooker Italian meat-a-balls” because that’s how I always say it in my head. But we’re trying to keep it profesh around here, so the traditional spelling wins out (though you’ll totally say “meat-a-balls” in your head now, too. You’re welcome).

This is one of the recipes I made pre-baby for our freezer stash, and I made a royal mistake with them — I froze all eleventy billion (or, like, 40) of them in one container. Do you know where I’m going with this? It means I had to thaw all 40 meatballs for me, my husband and my mom (who was staying with us at the time) at once. I was shaking in my boots that some of these delicious meat-a-balls would end up going to waste.

Well it turns out I completely underestimated my husband’s love for the meatball, because they were all gone — GONE — in two days. Down the hatch in meatball sub form, on top of pasta, cold and sliced and placed atop whole-grain toast (YUM, really), etc. OK, OK — my mom and I helped, too.

Needless to say, this recipe is one of those low-effort, high-result recipes that you’re going to want to make again and again (just maybe freeze them in batches if you do, unless you love eating meatballs for two days straight like my husband).

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Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cream Pie |

Just looking at these photos makes me shed a tear.

Why? Because this pie is allll gone — partially thanks to my family, but mostly because of me. I did this to myself. And now I have to wait until later this summer to make it again. Harrumph.

Until then, let’s talk about why you need to get this nearly no-bake pie into your life. Two words: Caramel yogurt.

I’ll give you a moment to retrieve your jaw from the floor.

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Homemade Sourdough Bread, Step by Step |

Awwwwwwww man, you guys. This post. THIS BREAD. It’s been a very long time coming.

Remember when I said I wanted to make more basic bread recipes for all y’alls on here? Well, that was the push I needed to finally get my hands dirty in the sourdough bucket, if you will (that sounds so gross, actually. Pretend I never said that).

I don’t know what it was about the good ol’ sourdough that made me so nervous. Probably the same thing that makes me nervous to make things like macarons, cheesecakes and puff pastries — precision, energy and patience that may end up yielding an epic fail. BUT! Having now made the sourdough, I am here to tell you that it is, in fact, not scary at all and while yes, patience is required, truly I tell you it is one of the easiest breads I have made in my years of carbo-loading bread baking.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to drop everything and make yo’self some sourdough today (OK OK, you can have your coffee first), I have some nifty step-by-step photos for you, so it’s like we’re making sourdough together! Which would be my favorite thing, ever. REALLY. Please come over and let’s hang out and bake schtuff.

Here we go!

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