I’m taking some time off the next few weeks to spend with my family and our new baby girl. In the meantime, I’ve asked a few of my amazingly talented blogger friends — or in this case, family — to fill in with guest posts. I’m so excited and honored to have Avery’s aunt Natalie, who blogs at Good Girl Style, sharing one of her delicious baked goods with us. I mean… caramel apple crumb cake. Do you hear that choir of angels? Maybe it’s my sleep deprivation, but I sure do. Anywho, thanks to Natalie for visiting with us today!

Why hello there! I’m Natalie, and if you don’t know me, I write over at Good Girl Style, for Darling Magazine and other places on the interwebs, mainly about poetry, style, and recipes. But you guys, the most important thing is that Avery Kate is my niece and isn’t she the cutest little darling ever? I’m pretty partial. So it’s a pleasure to be able to share something yummy with you while my brother, Steph and Miss Avery take a breather and enjoy family time together. The only sad thing is I don’t live nearby anymore so I can’t share any cute photos of me snuggling the babe, unless I did some fancy photoshop work but that will have to wait because I have a recipe to share with you.

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introducing avery kate

Our friends from our church small group (all of whom have kids) have been joking with us for the last nine months that a baby “changes your life” (a phrase to which my husband always offers a sarcastic eye roll), and while we knew they were right, we had no idea what, exactly, that meant until 4:15 a.m. on May 9, 2014.

That was the moment Avery Kate Wise came into our lives. And that was the moment everything changed.

Of course, we knew we would be sleep deprived — though Lordy, we did not know just how much (for example: My husband thought he lost his socks the other day until he realized they were already on his feet). We knew there would be times we’d feel equal parts scared, excited, confused and elated. We knew there would be joy and frustration. We knew we were ready for children, but we also knew it would be hard to leave behind a life of greater independence.

What we didn’t really know, however, was just how much our hearts would explode with love for this tiny little creature in a matter of seconds. It was overwhelming, really. The bursts still come throughout these hazy days in the form of cuddles, kisses and staring at her sweet cherub face for hours. I can’t get enough of her.

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spring freekeh salad with asparagus, peas and radishes

I’m taking some time off the next few weeks to spend with my family and our new baby girl. In the meantime, I’ve asked a few of my amazingly talented blogger friends to fill in with guest posts. Say hello to Kelli of The Corner Kitchen. This gal is not only super sweet in real life, she also really knows her way around a kitchen. And she’s the queen of freekeh recipes — she’s even working on an eCookbook all about the whole grain and I’m already freekeh-ing out about it (yes, I went there). Mega thanks to Kelli for sharing this bowl of yums with us!

Hi there, Girl Versus Dough readers!!! I’m Kelli from The Corner Kitchen and I’m thrilled to be keeping you guys company today. First of all, huge congrats to Steph on her beautiful baby girl. I’ve been a long time reader drooling over Steph’s baked goods for quite a long time, and it was this wonderful space that helped me tackle my fear of yeast breads (turns out there was nothing to be afraid of!). I was so lucky to meet Steph last year at the Big Summer Potluck, and one thing you have to know about her is that she is the sweetest person ever.

I came close to titling this post All My Favorite Spring Things in One Bowl. Except, I was thrown off by the freekeh and feta since those are more of all the time favorite things, than spring things.

Fun fact….radishes are kinda new to me. I mean, not new like I’m just learning what they are. I’ve always known about their existence. They just didn’t exist on my plate. They’re new to me, like I’ve just (finally!) learned to appreciate radishes a couple years ago. It’s an appreciation that’s turned into a minor obsession.

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lentil cookies

I’m taking some time off the next few weeks to spend with my family and our new bundle of joy. In the meantime, I’ve set up a few posts ahead of time to share. These cookies are one sweet treat I plan on baking again and again.

Hand me a cookie baked with lentils and you’re my new BFF.

And here is where I’m guessing you think I’ve lost my marbles.

I know this because I, too, once thought a lentil cookie was kind of a crazy thing when I first discovered it in Nick Evans’ new cookbook, “Love Your Leftovers” (he’s the brilliant blogger behind Macheesmo, by the by). I mean, there are plenty of other yummy sounding recipes in the book — like creamy chicken pesto pasta, or spicy beef wontons, or crunchy black bean tacos. But no, no — I went straight for the lentil cookies because I just had. to. know. And boy oh boyyyyy are my taste buds glad I did.

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asparagus and pancetta pesto pizza

I’m taking some time off the next few weeks to spend with my family and our upcoming bundle of joy. In the meantime, I’ve asked a few of my amazingly talented blogger friends to fill in with guest posts. Everyone welcome Julia of The Roasted Root, who, as you well know if you follow her blog (and if you don’t yet, DO IT. Pretty please.) makes a mean… well, everything. Huge thanks to her for making this stellar pizza recipe for us all to drool over!

Howdy, GvDers! Julia here from The Roasted Root! Just like you, I adore Stephanie and all of her dough-y (and non-dough-y) creations. I was thrilled when she asked me to pop in for a guest post while she and her husband prepare for their new little one. Can you just not wait to see photos of their bouncing baby girl? Me neither!

So. Dough. I figured I’d bring a spring pizza from my neck of the woods to Steph’s since we all know she has stellar pizza dough recipes. Have you tried her No-Knead Pizza Dough or her Beer Pizza Crust? Ohhhh the pizza-bilities! When I bake, I do so sans gluten, but I have yet to come up with my very own neato gluten-free pizza dough recipe. For this reason, I took the easy route with this pizza and used Bob’s Red Mill’s Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix. Works like a charm every time!

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mini lemon-rhubarb bundt cakes

Leave it to me to bring to a pink-themed baby shower, um, something not really pink at all.

I blame pregnancy brain. And the fact that I was so excited about little bebe bundt cakes, I completely forgot to dye the glaze pink as planned. Le sigh.

Think Pink Baby Shower

But I’m even more excited for Georgia of The Comfort of Cooking‘s little bebe girl, whom we are celebrating today with this fun virtual baby shower! Surprise, friend! Let’s commiserate about pregnancy brain together while we enjoy these mini lemon-rhubarb bundt cakes!

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