vanilla almond chai latte

Welcome to vanilla-almondy, cinnamon-sugary, spiced chai latte bliss.

If you’re anything like me, my friends and probably about two-thirds of the U.S. population, you have a slight addiction to coffee beverages from coffee shops. But it’s so yummy, says you. It’s like a daily treat, you justify. And by you I mean me. And then I look into my wallet and realize said treats are making my bank account weep, and not with happy tears.

So I’ve been trying to cut back on the number of trips I make to the drive-thru down the street (yes, I have a Caribou Coffee JUST DOWN THE STREET. It’s torture, you guys. #firstworldproblems) (also, all of these trips currently are for half-caff/decaf beverages, in case you worry I’m being insensitive to my fetus) and instead, make some tasty beverages from the home. Once I stumbled upon the recipe for this homemade latte and took a sip, I felt like I needed a microphone. So I could drop it.

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moroccan spiced nuts

It’s Monday. Again. Another day, another dollar. Good thing I made us some Moroccan spiced nuts for our energy needs.

Oof, that started out kind of Debbie Downer. Sorry about that. Good thing I made us some Moroccan spiced nuts for our energy needs!

Much better.

These little snackaroos are my new favorite thing to munch on, well, pretty much whenever I’m not eating a meal. So that would be around 10 a.m., when I get my first mid-morning hunger pangs because the oatmeal has worn off but lunch is still soooo far away; and then again at 1:30 p.m., because lunch was so delicious that I kind of just want to keep it going; and then again around 3:30 p.m., which I consider my official “snacktime” because everyone needs an official snacktime. Sometimes there’s also a pre-dinner snack. And then sometimes I need a little sum-sumthin’ savory for dessert.

Hey, I’m enjoying these extra snacktimes while I can (ya know, for the babe). Pretty soon I have a feeling I’ll be wanting sleep more than food, in which case we’ll be talking about my nap schedule instead of my snack schedule (JOKES. I wouldn’t do that to you. Though I did just give you a rundown of my snack regimen, so… I heart you. Thanks for sticking with me here).

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twice-baked potatoes with fresh horseradish

When I go out of town, the husband eats frozen pizza and Chipotle and drinks beer. When he goes out of town, apparently I eat enchiladas for four days in a row.

Such is what happened this past weekend, when Elliott was on a trip in Colorado with his friends. He gallivanted around the state snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking. I think there was also a night of camping in Arizona, too? I don’t remember, as I was too busy staring out the window while it snowed making faces like this. I know for sure he didn’t shave, though, as he lovingly reminded me with daily photo updates on my phone.

Obviously by the last night of this most recent separation of ours, I couldn’t take one more bite of leftover enchiladas. And so, these twice-baked potatoes with fresh horseradish graced the single-lady dinner menu. And cheering and dancing and devouring of said potato ensued (look at all the excitement you missed out on, BABE).

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blueberry buttermilk drop biscuits

Yes yes yes we will talk about these magical biscuits, but first things first: The eCookbook! It’s coming along just dandy, thanks for asking, and I’m thisclose to getting it done and out to all of you. So if you want to be the first to know about it (a.k.a. the first to get your mitts on some serious quick bread/muffin/biscuit carb love), or if you want to learn more about the eBook affiliate program I’ll be setting up, too, do me a favor and click on the button in the bar at the way top of the page, or in the sidebar.

blueberry buttermilk drop biscuits


blueberry buttermilk drop biscuits


From there, you can enter into the e-mail list that will get exclusive updates by yours truly. Oh, and you may or may not get a bonus gift if you sign up, too! (Hint: You do).

And now, about these blueberry buttermilk biscuits. Let’s just put it this way: I’m up to my eyeballs in quick breads and muffins and biscuits and scones and coffee cakes from this eBook (and my freezer is so full, I have to sloooowwllly open the door to avoid rock-hard frozen loaves catapulting at my face) and I STILL wanted to make these. I do not regret this decision, as the day I baked them I also baked two other types of biscuits and I ate no less than one of each of them and was in full-on biscuit bliss all day long. Also my house smelled like one giant, buttery biscuit. It was glorious.

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gluten free dark chocolate cherry hazelnut galettes

(Giveaway is closed.) Say hello to my new favorite mini desserts.

Hello, mini desserts!

Maybe you think you only have eyes for mini cupcakes. Maybe you’re convinced your heart only goes pitter-patter for petit fours or widdle bebe cheesecakes (I’m practicing my baby talk). For me, it’s all about the mini galettes — these especially, what with their hazelnut flour crusts and dark chocolate cherry filling, om nom nom.

One bite, and I think you might ditch those cupcakes and hop aboard my bandwagon. Just you wait.

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salmon + ravioli with lemon-garlic butter

Maybe it’s the 50-degree weather we had last week (I saw a patch of grass, you guys! GLORIOUS DAY). Maybe it’s because I had my baby shower this weekend and my family and friends and I all got to ogle over baby dresses together. Maybe it’s this playlist I’m listening to on repeat lately. Or maybe it’s this lemony, garlicky, buttery salmon I recently had for dinner. I don’t know. But things are definitely looking up.

Much as I love me some seafood, I really don’t cook much of it at home besides shrimp (and usually I buy the pre-cooked kind, so it’s kind of cheating). I’m not sure why — I mean, we don’t eat a ton of meat anyway, so I suppose when we do decide that today is the Day We Will Eat Meat, we usually go for chicken or, more deliciously, bacon. But this dish alone may change my ways because lemon-garlic butter.

I’m serious. This stuff is a game changer. It takes literally three ingredients and two minutes to prepare, and yet it makes almost anything taste like heaven on a plate. I’m considering making a bulk jar of it and just pouring it on everything — pasta, salads, hamburgers, a spoon that goes straight to my mouth. You get the idea. It’s so g-o-o-d.

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