2016 Girl Versus Dough Reader Survey | www.girlversusdough.com @girlversusdough

It’s that time again!

The time when I ask you all the most pressing questions about your life, like how do you get out of bed right when your alarm goes off, or how do you make your hair look so cute like that, or how do you manage to make that smoky eye look good instead of like raccoon eyes, or how do you style those Instagram photos so amazingly, or — actually, it’s not any of those things (though if you have tips on them, let. me. know.).

It’s actually more of the “whaddya think about this blog?” variety. The “what do you want to see more of around here?” kind. More carbs? More meals? More anything? More everything?

This survey is really about you and me, dear reader, about us. About how I can make this space more accessible, more helpful, more resourceful, more fun for you. So without further ado, the survey is below! And I would be just pleased as punch if you would take a few minutes of your time to fill it out for me. YOU’RE THE BEST. And I’ll see you here later this week with a (yummy/comforting/you’ll want triple helpings) recipe.

Psst — I’ll be sure to share the results in a couple of weeks! In the meantime, have any extra questions/comments/suggestions? Message me on the social media or e-mail me (girlversusdough@gmail.com).

Psst, again — here are last year’s results, in case you’re curious!

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