Thanks so much for considering joining the Girl Versus Dough affiliate program!
I'm so excited you're here.
The affiliate program is for bloggers interested in selling the Quick Bread Love eCookbook packages for a commission.

Quick Bread Love is an eCookbook sold in three packages, ranging from $8-$15. By becoming an affiliate, you will receive a personalized code, which when clicked through on your website, will bring visitors to the Quick Bread Love information page. When a visitor makes a purchase anytime within 6 months, you'll receive 30% of whatever package they choose!

Registering as an affiliate is simple - just follow these steps!


1: Register for a PayPal account, if you don't already have one

  • You'll be getting paid commissions through PayPal once monthly!

2: Register on eJunkie

  • e-Junkie is the site that manages the affiliate program & eCookbook sales.
  • CLICK HERE to go to the eJunkie site.
  • On the right side of the page, enter your email address and create a password.
  • Click submit

3: Activate the account

  • Now, you will receive an email from eJunkie with an activation code. Keep the eJunkie window open, copy the code and paste it into the box labeled "Activate". Click submit.

4: Add your PayPal email to your profile

  • You should be brought to a page with a heading "REQUIRED PROFILE SETTINGS." Under "PayPal Email", enter the email address associated with your PayPal account. (make sure it's the same one you use for your PayPal account so we can pay you!)
  • Click "Submit".

4: Get your personalized affiliate code!

• On the next page, click "Get Affiliate Code"
• Again on the following page, click the button "Get Affiliate Code"
• Next, under “GET COMMON AFFILIATE HOP LINK", copy the code in the box and paste into the code anywhere on your site.
• To change the text for the link, simply change the text in the code that says "Click here to visit Girl Versus Dough.”
• To use a banner instead of text link, see below!




Here are some optional banners to help you promote the eCookbook on your site! To use:

1. Copy the code in the box below the banner you would like to use.
2. Paste the code into your eJunkie personalized link where it says “Click here to visit Girl Versus Dough.”
3. Paste this entire code into your blog/ website.

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