caramel macchiato doughnut muffins
Oh hey, friendlies! Happiest Labor Day wishes to you all. I hope you’re spending your day with yummy food, good company and preferably a cabin/beach/park/sunny day on the side.

Me? My day is actually super lame, as the husband is working today. But we made up for it earlier this weekend with some fun end-of-summer times. And I would say I also made up for it by making and devouring these caramel macchiato doughnut muffins I made for my dear friend Stephie’s Friends First series, but the truth is I already made and devoured them weeks ago: even the ones I set aside in the freezer for later. Oy. Good thing I’ve got a free day today and these muffins take like two seconds to make. Winning! (Do people even say that anymore? I need new phrases.)

So in the interest of convincing you to make these muffins as soon as humanly possible (which I hope isn’t too difficult to do) and in the interest of letting you get back to your holiday shindigs, head over to Eat Your Heart Out for the full post and recipe! Spoiler alert: I talk about how these muffins sum up my personality in carb form. It gets weird/awesome.