Greens and Goat Cheese Bisque | @girlversusdough

Happy almost weekend, friends! Or, in our case, happy almost birthday to me tomorrow, birthday to Avery Saturday and Mother’s Day on Sunday. Oy.

Right about now I’m elbow-deep in streamers, balloons and cake ingredients in preparation for the festivities (and in about 12 hours, I might even be neck-deep. I went a little overboard). You already know how I feel about the whole thing — excited? Yes. Anxious? YES. Have I been looking at old Instagram photos of newborn Avery all week long with heart pangs of nostalgia? I admit to nothing.

In any case, to keep myself fueled for the week, I’ve been slurping (ew — I mean, politely sipping) this delish greens and goat cheese bisque for lunch and sometimes dinner with a gooey, melty grilled cheese on the side. It’s been just the boost I needed.

Greens and Goat Cheese Bisque | @girlversusdough

This soup isn’t all just spring and healthy green veg vibes — it’s also a ton of YUM vibes, what with the addition of golden caramelized onions, fresh lemon juice, butter and creamy, tangy goat cheese. And yes, there is also a mammoth amount of greenery in this soup (like, nearly two pounds’ worth of spinach, kale and chard) so each sip is a spoonful of serious nutrition. It’s my fave kind of food, really.

And thanks to my blender, it all turns into a smooth puree of sippable deliciousness. Even Avery has been happily eating it with me for lunch and dinner. I assume she’s preparing herself for a weekend full of cake, too.

For the tasty, easy and healthful greens and goat cheese bisque recipe, head over to the KitchenAid blog! And have a very happy weekend.

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