hot cross bun loaf

It’s coming up all Easter over here and I didn’t even know it was happening. I guess I just get excited about the reason for the season, and the prospect of spring (even though it’s trying to be all coy and hard-to-get over here in snowy Minnesota winterland. I know you’re there, spring, don’t try to fool me). Oh, and hot cross buns. Always hot cross buns.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good hot cross bun fresh from the oven on Easter morning (or any morning, for that matter)? They’re sweet and warm and soft, filled with raisins or candied orange peel or currants and topped with a sugary glaze. Are you drooling uncontrollably yet? No, just me?

Well if you head over to my friend Kelli’s lovely site, The Corner Kitchen, where I’m guest posting about this delicious hot cross bun loaf today, you may just change your mind. Especially when you get a peek at the swirly inside. MAMA.

Happy Friday, loves. I hope your weekends are filled with sunshine and springtime festivities and hot cross bun breakfasts.