jord wood watch in box

Happy post-Thanksgiving, everyone! How are we doing? Have we fully recovered from the turkey hangover yet? I officially called it quits on leftovers yesterday — I just couldn’t do it any more. It was all fun and games and pumpkin pie and green bean casserole until my belly said enough is enough. Time to move onto Christmas cookies and holiday gifts and glad tidings!

Speaking of holiday gifts and glad tidings (not the cookies, though those are coming your way soon, too!), I’m here today to share with you a fun partnership between Girl Versus Dough and JORD Wood Watches that gives you, dear reader, the opportunity to get your own unique watch (and/or one for someone you love) at a generous discount. Hip hip for the holidays!

jord wood watch on wrist

Have you ever heard of JORD Wood Watches? Um, they’re gorgeous. The company uses a variety of uniquely beautiful woods to create the bands for their modern, sophisticated watch designs. They have a variety of women’s watches and men’s watches — many of which look great on both men and women — and in the short time I’ve had my own JORD watch on my wrist I’ve received a ton of compliments. Not that that’s the best reason for a watch (you know, telling time with a cool watch is helpful, too), but it’s a bonus. I wear my Frankie watch as often as I can because it fits so seamlessly into my style.

jord wood watch

If a watch is on your wishlist or on the wishlist of someone you love, TODAY IS YOUR DAY. Because I’m teaming up with JORD to give away an exclusive coupon for $25 off any purchase on JORD’s website to EVERYONE who enters. That is correct. Everybody wins a coupon! Glad tidings and beautiful watches all around.

To enter and instantly receive your coupon for $25 off, fill out your information on JORD’s website. You will immediately be e-mailed your coupon code. The giveaway will run until 1/1/2017, and the coupon code is valid until 2/28/2017.

Enjoy, my dear friends, and happy holidays. I’ll see you later this week with cookies. xo

*UPDATE: This Giveaway is CLOSED.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. All opinions are my own.