key lime doughnuts

Well, it happened.

I officially have a new favorite doughnut.

I didn’t think this was possible, you see. For years, my heart and my taste buds were torn between the chocolate glazed cake doughnut and the strawberry-frosted yeast doughnut (with sprinkles, of course). Sometimes, even the Boston cream doughnut would wedge itself in there, as well. And then there was the time I made doughnuts with peaches and coconut and white chocolate and I thought, for surely, there can be no tastier doughnut.

And then I made these key lime doughnuts. Life = changed forever.

Of course, this isn’t bad news by any means: especially because these doughnuts take less than a half-hour to make. And if you head over to the lovely Meagan’s blog, A Zesty Bite, where I’m guest posting about these doughnuts, you’ll be able to see for yourself just why, exactly, you need to have them in your life ASAP. Just be prepared to oust whatever doughnut currently wins your heart. Sorry I’m not sorry, strawberry doughnut.