mexican molletes ftw.

I’m coming at you with a new series, friends! It’s called “Meatless Monday” (original, I know). Every week, I plan to post a quick and easy, real-life meatless recipe Elliott and I often eat during the week or on the weekend in hopes that, if you are aboard the Meatless Monday bandwagon, want to get on it or just need a little inspiration in the veggie department from time to time, this will help set off some creative sparks.

Why am I doing this, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

The second most common question Elliott and I often get asked when people find out we eat mostly vegetarian (a.k.a. “flexitarian,” a.k.a. we try to eat only meat that was produced with practices we find ethical, yada yada yada … if you want to know the super nitty gritty, check out the husband’s fantastically informative, smarty-pants blog) after asking why we eat the way we do is, “What the heck do you eat?” Half the time, we don’t even know what to say. “Uh… quesadillas? Eggs? Peanut butter on a spoon?” And then people get all droopy-eyed and bored and wonder how we haven’t shriveled into emaciated, raisin-sized human beings.

The truth is, we do just fine eating mostly meatless, and in fact, we don’t eat the exact same things every day of the week. So, at the risk of inducing droopy-eye syndrome, I want to share a few examples every now and then of what, exactly, goes in my belly (and I hope, of course, to post these a wee bit earlier than right before dinner time, should you want to plan these into your menu).

First off: Mexican Molletes, a.k.a. open-faced sandwiches of everything in the world that is good and holy and delicious. It’s a perfectly filling and flavorful way to kick off the week ahead. Enjoy!

What is your favorite meatless meal? Do you do Meatless Mondays at your home?