nutella-swirled banana bread

This is a Monday morning kind of bread.

This is a “I don’t want to get out of bed” kind of bread. A “I just need one more second of vacation” kind of bread. The kind of bread you make when you don’t want to grow up, when it’s your birthday and you want to put Nutella on it (like a bird), when you just know you’re going to have a bad day so you need a slice (or three) of this bread to make it a good one. Or, when you’re having a good day and you just want to keep it that way.

Now that you’re sufficiently drooling all over your keyboard, head over to the lovely Pass the Cocoa where I’ve shared a guest post on this scrumptious Nutella-swirled banana bread. Please note that, yes, all anecdotes about the deliciousness of this bread are not from me but from my taste-testers because I’m allergic to bananas. So also, YES, it was the most torturous torture of all tortures making this loaf and not being able to actually take a legitimate bite of it. Good thing I had a spoon and extra Nutella nearby to console myself.

Happy Monday, loves!