Girl Versus Dough

my favorite fruit pizza

fruit pizza on parchment paper

When the weather warms up, there is no better way to make the season sweeter than with my favorite fruit pizza! This pretty-as-a-picture dessert features a soft and chewy sugar cookie crust, a creamy almond-cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit toppings with a drizzle of honey to finish. Play around with the toppings to make your own simply stunning design and enjoy every delicious, fresh and fruity bite.

flourless almond butter cookies

almond butter cookies on a sheet of parchment paper

When the craving for a cookie strikes, let these three-ingredient Flourless Almond Butter Cookies come to your immediate rescue. In a half-hour with just a few minutes of prep time, you can have these deliciously chewy, flavorful, sweet and salty treats ready to enjoy right away. Plus, they’re freezer-friendly, so you can have fresh-baked cookies in your life at a moment’s notice!

hot cross cinnamon rolls

overhead of hot cross cinnamon rolls in a baking pan

When Easter brunch is days away and you can’t decide whether to make hot cross buns or cinnamon rolls, make both — in one recipe! These Hot Cross Cinnamon Rolls combine the best of both worlds with an orange-and-raisin-infused dough and a sweet-and-citrusy icing for a special morning treat worthy of any brunch spread.

iced clementine pound cake

sliced iced clementine pound cake on parchment paper

Got a bag of clementines to use up? Put them to work in this delightfully sweet and citrusy Iced Clementine Pound Cake recipe! Soft, dense, moist, flavorful and topped with the most ridiculously delicious clementine-kissed icing, you’ll be buying more bags of clementines from the store just to make this pound cake on the regular.

brown butter carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

carrot cake on a cake stand

If you’re looking for a recipe to step up your carrot cake game, this Brown Butter Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is IT. Layers of soft, moist and flavorful carrot cake are frosted with a tangy cream cheese icing for a dessert unlike any other. Make it for a holiday, a birthday or just because–whatever the reason, you’re gonna love every single bite of this decadent treat.

cream cheese frosting

close up shot of cream cheese frosting in a bowl

This smooth and silky cream cheese frosting recipe is absolutely perfect for so many baked goods! From red velvet cookies to carrot cake, banana bread to funfetti cupcakes, you can use this simple, five-ingredient, homemade frosting on just about anything.