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a loaf of sourdough bread with a knife next to it

We’ve come to the end of our two-week series, How to Make Sourdough Bread, today with one post dedicated to answering all of your burning questions about sourdough, sourdough baking tips and a few resources that have helped me along my own sourdough baking journey. Read on to learn everything you want to know about sourdough and set aside any hesitations — you can totally do this.

Hello hello! Today’s post concludes the Girl Versus Dough series on how to make sourdough bread. I’m equal parts sad because it’s over, but also excited because this means you are FULLY PREPARED to go forth and bake sourdough bread. I hope you’re excited, too.

Before we dive into the Q&A and resources, let me say that if ever you have questions about your own sourdough starter or the baking process, please ask me! Send me an e-mail, message me on Instagram or Facebook, or leave a comment below. I will do my best to help you out, no matter what. Help me help you — in the name of sourdough.

my favorite sourdough bread recipe

a loaf of sourdough bread on a cutting board

Welcome to the next post in our series, “How to Make Sourdough Bread.” Today’s post features my favorite sourdough bread recipe complete with step-by-step photos, definitions to sourdough baking terms and a sample baking schedule within the printable recipe. Follow along and in no time, you’ll have fresh homemade sourdough bread in your own kitchen.

Happy Monday! Today, I’m going to walk you through the entire process of what is my favorite sourdough bread recipe. I’ve tried several variations of sourdough bread recipes and this one is by far the easiest and most foolproof recipe that yields the best results.

This recipe is adapted from The Perfect Loaf’s high hydration sourdough bread. I’ve made just a few slight changes based on my own personal experience with this recipe, but you can also refer to his post for added insight.

OK, let’s do this!

how to make a sourdough starter

sourdough starter in glass jar

Welcome to the newest post in our series, “How to Make Sourdough Bread.” Today’s post is ALL about how to make a sourdough starter completely from scratch in one week just using flour and water — and a little know-how. I’ll take you step by step through everything so the process is a breeze. BONUS: Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a free printable starter feeding schedule!

HI HELLO. Are we ready for this? Do we have all the essential sourdough tools in place and a ridiculous eagerness to continue our sourdough bread baking journey? Good. I’m excited, too.

Today’s post is all about how to make a sourdough starter from scratch. If you follow along with me, in about a week’s time you’ll have a thriving, bubbly, happy starter. You should name it, too — that’s totally a thing. Say hello to Lucille III.

essential sourdough tools

a loaf of sourdough bread on a cutting board

Welcome to the first post of How to Make Sourdough Bread, a two-week series on Girl Versus Dough focusing on all things sourdough bread. Today’s post is about my essential sourdough tools — that is, the tools I regularly use to make the best-ever sourdough loaves in my own kitchen. I firmly believe that with a few simple, easy-to-acquire kitchen tools, you’re already off to a great start to make your own sourdough. Scroll to the bottom of the post for a printable guide to help you check off everything you need to get started!

Happy Monday! Usually I’m very meh about Mondays, but today is super exciting because we are kicking off my How to Make Sourdough Bread series, which I introduced yesterday. Today’s post is all about essential sourdough tools, aka a simple checklist of kitchen utensils that I find necessary or helpful to achieve the best results in sourdough prep and baking. Once you have these tools in your kitchen, you’ll be set for the entire process from start to finish. Ready? I’M READY.

introducing: how to make sourdough bread

a loaf of sourdough bread on a cutting board

Weeee! Friends, pardon my ridiculous enthusiasm, but today is a day I’ve been waiting for for a long, long while. I’m here on this snowy Sunday to introduce you to a new, two-week series I am posting on Girl Versus Dough titled: How to Make Sourdough Bread. I hope you are as eager to learn as I am to teach you all about sourdough bread from starter to loaf. Let’s get baking!

Today has literally been years in the making. For a very long time, I’ve been wanting to create an in-depth series on how to make sourdough bread from scratch — like, the kind that is formed entirely from wild yeast, looks like artisan bread and tastes like the kind of bread you get from a bakery but you bake it AT HOME. I’m here to take you by the hand and help you every step of the way until you, too, have a beautiful baked loaf of sourdough in your own kitchen. It’s possible, and you CAN do it. I totally believe in you.

chocolate alfajores

a stacked tower of chocolate alfajores

These chocolate alfajores — South American caramel cookies with dulce de leche-filled centers inside a cookie sandwich — are officially the mascot cookie of our household. The cookies have the taste and texture of a brownie and the caramel center is thick and creamy. So yeah, it’s safe to say this cookie recipe is not going anywhere anytime soon… except straight into our bellies.

When you know you’ve stumbled upon a good cookie idea, you just know, you know?

You know. I know you know.

That’s what happened to me, anyway, when the idea for chocolate alfajores — aka, brownie-like dulce de leche sandwich cookies — came to mind. And I just KNEW. You know?