Girl Versus Dough

something to rave about

close-up of a rave apple

These days, when there is something extraordinary going on that catches our attention, we want to share it, right? Good news is always worth sharing. And today, I’m taking a moment not only to acknowledge someone extraordinary in my life who is “rave-worthy,” but to invite you to do the same – for a chance to win something delicious that’s also worth raving about!

cookies and cream ice cream drumsticks

cookies and cream ice cream drumsticks in a glass with a bite taken out of one

Homemade drumsticks filled with cookies and cream ice cream? YOU BET. These chilled treats are everything your inner kid craves on a hot summer day (or any day, really) and they can be made at home — no need to rely on the store bought variety. Every bite is chocolaty, cool and full of yummy cookies and cream flavor and joy.

raspberry pound cake tiramisu

a piece of raspberry pound cake tiramisu on a stack of plates

Let’s keep aboard the no-bake dessert train with this totally delish Raspberry Pound Cake Tiramisu! Layers of pound cake, a whipped cream-mascarpone mixture, orange liqueur-spiked raspberry jam and fresh raspberries make this easy dessert one to remember — and to make all. summer. long.

double chocolate buckeyes

overhead shot of double chocolate buckeyes

It’s summertime, and we’re too hot to turn on the oven, but we still want something sweet, amiright? Enter these Double Chocolate Buckeyes, aka delightful little peanut butter truffles dipped in not one, but TWO types of chocolate for an insanely easy (and tasty) dessert. With just 15 minutes of hands-on time, you can have 3 dozen of these yummy homemade candies ready to eat whenever the craving strikes.

s’mores blondies

stacked s'mores blondies on a surface

Triple-layered s’mores-flavored blondies, comin’ atcha! With a soft and chewy base of chocolate chip- and graham cracker-infused blondie bars, a middle layer of rich chocolate ganache and a pillowy topping of homemade marshmallow fluff, these bars are loaded with the classic s’mores flavors you know and love but with a fun twist! These stacked s’mores blondies are perfect for Fourth of July or any time you want something sweet this summer.

cinnamon raisin sourdough bread

sliced cinnamon raisin sourdough bread on a surface

For fans of cinnamon raisin bread or sourdough bread, this Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough Bread is the perfect marriage of two beloved recipes! Sweet with spices and studded with raisins, every bite of this sourdough loaf is full of wholesome, heartwarming flavor. Top a toasted slice with butter and a sprinkle of sea salt for a *chef’s kiss* seriously perfect breakfast or snack.