Girl Versus Dough

chocolate cinnamon roll wreath

chocolate cinnamon roll wreath

Easter is just around the corner (seriously, it’s coming up on us RIGHT QUICK) and I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about brunch. It’s what I do.

Many years in my youth, my family would go to the restaurant Easter brunch buffet. Sometimes this wasn’t so bad — I would get my fill of that prime rib station and a plate full of mini cheesecakes. Other years, not so much. Once, I encountered an extremely hot outdoor tent buffet with supposed-to-be-cold kale salad that was melting into a puddle of ice cubes-turned-water next to a tray of cheese cubes that were fused together by the sun’s death rays (though also, perhaps, banding together as a way to survive), and a terrifying man-size bunny that greeted every table with his terrifying man-size immobile bunny face. I think there also might have been an entire family in overalls and flannel, if memory serves.

This year, I’m avoiding any potential chances for a recurrence of things past while also graduating beyond the prime rib/mini cheesecake situation. I’m bringing this chocolate cinnamon roll wreath front and center instead.

carrot cake thumbprint cookies

carrot cake thumbprint cookies

When life gives you the choice between cookies and cake, it’s just not fair to have to choose.

Thankfully, these carrot cake thumbprint cookies don’t make you have to decide. They’re so nice like that. And they happen to be delicious, too.

Because I mean, when you combine the flavors of carrot cake into a cookie and then fill it with a tangy, jam-swirled frosting, how could they not be?

Cake, meet cookie. Cookie, meet face. Repeat as needed. That’s how my Thursday is going to go. How about yours?

freezer breakfast burritos

freezer breakfast burritos

I’m back home after a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC for the first-ever Blog & Bake Retreat. To say it was refreshing, restorative, energizing, educational and just plain wonderful to spend the week with nine other bloggers/real-life friends is an understatement. We woke up every morning to a direct view of the beach, baked each other breakfasts and second breakfasts and dessert (so.much.dessert.) and discussed everything about blogging and life. I’m keeping that experience in my back pocket for any time I feel discouraged or ungrateful about, well, anything really. These are the moments that matter.

Anywho, despite all of the relaxing, I’m still pretty darn tired. So my amazing husband, Elliott, is here to save your Monday with a guest post about freezer breakfast burritos! This post has been a long time coming (because he has been talking for years about making freezer breakfast burritos, I kid ye not), but it’s finally here and he has all the deets to share with you. So without further ado, I give you Elliott and the freezer breakfast burrito.

how to proof or activate dry yeast {video}

how to proof or activate dry yeast

Hi hi hiiiiiiiii! It’s Thursday, which is almost Friday, which is almost the weekend, and I’m in South Carolina this week with some blogger friends wearing leggings (mandatory), eating delicious food (naturally) and talking shop/non-shop, nonstop (love). It’s been a great getaway so far and I will share more details later (though you can follow along on the shenanigans via Snapchat –> stephmwise), but for now, let’s talk about the fact that I made you another video (!!!).

I’m really trying to get the hang of this video thing, as it’s, uh, not my forte. This is why I blog behind a computer screen where I can type up words and edit them before I share them with the world (though that doesn’t really stop me from oversharing anyway, but I digress). With video, I can edit all of my blunders, too, but people, there are SO MANY BLUNDERS. Ask the husband, who typically acts as my cameraman/director/warn-er of “babe, you’ve said ‘um’ a dozen times in the last five seconds and also have not blinked.” Bless him. But I’m going to keep practicing, and while video obviously will never take over on this blog, it may make an appearance more often, especially when I feel it is more helpful than just looking at photos.

cheesy roasted cauliflower mushroom stromboli

cauliflower mushroom stromboli

I’m going through a phase where nearly every meal must include cheese.

This phase has lasted my entire life.

I love cheese. I love all kinds of cheese. In fact, when I went to France in college with my mom and her friend and we went to a cheese tasting and everyone else turned up their nose at the “stinky” cheeses, I took seconds. I can hardly resist the cheese samples at our local grocery store. And whenever a recipe calls for cheese, I add more.

We legitimately have a cheese drawer in our refrigerator. There is an entire drawer dedicated to (and filled to the brim with) cheese. Shredded cheese for our scrambled eggs, tacos, etc.; sliced cheese for grilled cheese and sandwiches; blocks of cheese for snacking (like night cheese, for instance); cheese sticks for the tot. You get the idea.

So it’s no surprise that when I decided to make this cauliflower mushroom stromboli, I went heavy on the cheese. But really, do you blame me? Let’s keep that question rhetorical.

naked salted caramel layer cake

salted caramel layer cake

I still can’t bake and decorate the perfect cake to save my life, but I continue to bake and decorate them because, well, it’s cake. And every once in a while, the occasion calls for one.

Today is one of those occasions, because we are celebrating someone very special who is about to welcome someone also very special into this world. My dear friend Audra, of The Baker Chick, is weeks away from having her second baby, and we couldn’t be more excited for her! It’s why we are gathering together today for a surprise virtual baby shower, brunch-style. And I brought the naked salted caramel layer cake, in all its rustic glory.