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life lately

I feel as though it’s been a literal age since I last updated you on what’s going on behind the blog, so I thought I’d take this moment to fix that. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a doughnut (yes, yes, definitely a doughnut), and let’s chat!

First, can we take a look at that peony in the photo above? A co-worker of mine brought those from her garden into work this week and they are STUNNING. And huge. Like, the size of my head. And I get to look at them all day long from my work kitchen and they make me so happy.

Second, my child just turned two years old a couple of weeks ago, so THAT gives me all the feels.

broccoli and cheese stuffed pull-apart sweet potato rolls

broccoli cheese pull-apart sweet potato rolls

Now HERE’S the way to get your daily dose of vegetables. Just stuff them in a soft, cheesy, pull-apart roll.

I’ve never really been one to turn up my nose at veggies (except for carrots, which I’m kind of iffy about unless they’re in this form), but that’s not the case for the rest of the humans I live with in this house. The small human has an aversion to all veggies except those that can be dipped in ketchup, and the tall human will only gladly eat vegetables that are on top of a frozen pizza. So I am often alone in being excited about eating salads and such.

But these stuffed pull-apart sweet potato rolls? They were accepted by all, with much gladness. And this made me so, so happy.

dairy free fruit crisp

dairy free fruit crisp in baking dish

The title says it all. “Pure Delicious.” That is exactly true.

The book is full of incredibly flavorful and filling recipes, and all of them happen to be gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, peanut free, tree nut free, shellfish free and cane sugar free. Because sometimes leaving ingredients out leaves room for other ingredients to shine.

Such is the case with this dairy free fruit crisp (that is also gluten free, egg free and cane sugar free), which comes straight from Heather Christo’s new cookbook. The base is a sweet-tart mix of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries (though Heather says any fruit works well, and it makes me love this recipe all the more). The topping is a crunchy mix of oats, cinnamon and coconut oil. Both are of equal ratio, which is just how I like my crisps. I can take or leave other aspects – cold, warm, room temperature, a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream or nothing on top, berries, apples, peaches, it doesn’t matter – but each bite must be exactly half fruit, half topping. I don’t budge there.

pasta carbonara with leeks and sun-dried tomatoes

pasta carbonara in bowl

I’m keeping this post short today for two very legitimate reasons.

One, because it’s my daughter’s second birthday (cue the big emotional mom tears from yours truly) and I want to spend as much time with her as possible (a.k.a., help her eat some of her birthday cake).

And two, because this pasta carbonara with leeks and sun-dried tomatoes doesn’t need much explanation. You can see for yourself that it’s crazy delicious.

sweet and savory gluten free waffle breakfast sandwiches

gluten free waffle sandwiches

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to breakfast or brunch, I don’t like making choices. It’s too early in the day for that and I usually haven’t had my third cup of coffee yet, the cup that actually gets me to a functioning level.

That especially will be the case this upcoming Sunday, which is both Mother’s Day and my birthday. My family is coming into town to celebrate all the things (because, as you may recall, Avery’s birthday is Monday, the day after Mother’s Day) and while I’m super jazzed to have everyone around to party, the last thing I want to do is decide for everyone else what they’ll want to eat for brunch (besides birthday cake, obviously).

Cue these sweet and savory gluten free waffle breakfast sandwiches.

honeydew lime margaritas

honeydew lime margaritas

I have been learning a big lesson lately, and that lesson is on how to just calm down already.

See, I’ve never been good at this. I’m always go-go-going, the wheels in my brain are always turning, I am always seeking out ways to do and be everything and… well, as you might imagine, it’s just too dang much (more like impossible). So I’m taking a step back. I’m calming down already. And these honeydew lime margaritas are helping.