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fourth of july roundup

25+ fourth of july yums

Happy almost Fourth, friendlies! Also, holy moly how is it already July? I know everyone keeps saying that, but for real, I swear it was Memorial Day, like, last weekend. My pasty-white skin also...

crackled easter eggs

crackled easter eggs

I am super pumped to the max (what? forget I said that) to share these pretty lil’ eggs with you all, but first things first: A humongous, gigantimous group hug for all of the...

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

thanksgiving recipe roundup

So there’s this thing coming up next week. I think they call it Thanksgiving. Anyway, it’s a pretty big deal, when a lot of family and friends gather around the table for gratitude, good...

Late Summer Recipe Roundup

sifted words — (late) summer recipe roundup

I don’t mean late as in, belated. I mean late as in, good-grief-it’s-already-August-and-therefore-late-summer-and-kids-are-going-back-to-school-and-there’s-a-chill-in-the-air-and-I-still-want-my-sunny-afternoons-lounging-by-a-pool. That kind of late. And it’s that kind of late that I hate (hey, that rhymes! I’m a poet and I...

Almond Apricot Coffee Cake

almond-apricot coffee cake

Let’s have a heart-to-heart. When the going gets tough, I eat a lot of chocolate. Specifically, brownies. Specifically, frozen brownies with peanut butter on top. Maybe with some ice cream on the side. When...