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denber omelette crescent bake in baking dish

denver omelette crescent bake

I love pancakes and waffles and muffins and all types of breakfast foods, but if I’m being totally honest, my breakfast life almost always consists of peanut or almond butter toast + fruit. Every...

bacon quiche crescent cups on cooling rack

bacon quiche crescent cups

Well, y’all, it’s here. The Week of Eating. Which for me is generally followed by The Month of Eating (Christmas Cookies and Hot Cocoa), concluded by The Big Christmas Feast and then repeated once...

blackberry black bottom pie on cooling rack

blackberry black bottom pie

The only thing better than pie, in my opinion, is a pie with a layer of chocolate at the bottom. And that’s exactly what this Blackberry Black Bottom Pie delivers. It also happens to...

pumpkin challah sliced in cooling rack

pumpkin challah

Happy hump day! And welcome to the Virtual Pumpkin Party of your dreamiest dreams. The lovely and talented Sara has assembled a mass of bloggers who are celebrating the best of what this season...

parmesan pesto rolls in skillet

parmesan pesto skillet rolls

Quiz time! (This one is fun, promise.) Question: What is cheesy and pesto-y and carb-y and one of the best creations to come out of my oven? If you answered these Parmesan pesto skillet...

15 holiday bread recipes

15 holiday bread recipes

The question you should be asking yourself is not if you’ll be baking any holiday bread recipes, but rather which one. I KNOW — it’s a tough decision. But not to worry, as I’ve...