Girl Versus Dough

mini lemon-rhubarb bundt cakes

mini lemon rhubarb bundt cake on plate

Leave it to me to bring to a pink-themed baby shower, um, something not really pink at all.

I blame pregnancy brain. And the fact that I was so excited about little bebe bundt cakes, I completely forgot to dye the glaze pink as planned. Le sigh.

But I’m even more excited for Georgia of The Comfort of Cooking’s little bebe girl, whom we are celebrating today with this fun virtual baby shower! Surprise, friend! Let’s commiserate about pregnancy brain together while we enjoy these mini lemon-rhubarb bundt cakes!

peaches + cream streusel bread

peaches and cream streusel bread on table

This is the last recipe I prepped for the blog this week before baby. I feel like I should light a candle and break out into ballad. “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” anyone? It’s my favorite.


No? That’s probably wise.

Anywho, I have quite the stash of posts set up for all y’all while I take maternity leave for a few weeks. I also have some really super/cool/awesome guest posts lined up from my blog friends, so you best get started whetting your whistle for those. I just didn’t want to leave you hanging with English muffins for weeks on end, ya know? (Though on second thought, maybe that’s not so bad.)

Can I be honest about something? I’m ready for a break. As much as I love (LOVE LOVE) what I do, I’m ready to take a step back for a bit from the kitchen to enjoy other parts of my life — like being a mom for the first time. I’m ready to take some time to refocus my energies here so that, when I’m ready to be back in the kitchen, I can make the yummiest of yums for you guys. Because you are here and I am so grateful and you deserve only the yummiest of yums.

But for now, break time. Time to be a mama. Oy, that’s a little terrifying to write.

This peaches and cream streusel bread was the perfect recipe to end my preparatory baking/cooking binge (a.k.a. nesting, a.k.a. my house has never been so clean nor my pantry/fridge/freezer so well organized! It’s amazing! It’ll last for maybe a week!).

english muffins

english muffins on a plate

Whenever I eat/make English muffins, I think about how they’re probably the only food on Earth to which I would refer as having “nooks and crannies” and how I don’t even really know what a cranny is but I know they’re in English muffins along with the nooks and that both are absolutely required as butter receptacles in the perfect English muffin and hooray for run-on sentences about English muffins.

But seriously, have you ever had an English muffin without the nooks and crannies? It’s just not the same. It’s like eating a hockey puck of bread. But add the nooks and crannies and, suddenly, that hockey puck is actually a soft, chewy, delicious circle of bread just begging to be toasted and topped with butter, jam and/or cheese with a runny egg on top, oooooh yes. Dream a little dream with me about that for a sec.

OK, back to the muffins. One of my goals this year for the bloggity blog is to post more classic bread-related recipes — things like these English muffins, for example — so you lovely people can be more like, “Hey, I really want a good recipe for [that very common thing but in homemade form],” and you can search for it on my blog and it’ll be there, waiting for you, shining bright like a diamond. Or a buttery English muffin.

So if there are any classic bread recipes you don’t find here but would like to see (loaves, rolls, buns, biscuits, anything and everything!), please let me know in the comments. I can’t promise I will be able to deliver on all of them, but I will do my best. Kthanks.

sifted words — a lil’ nursery tour

Nursery Reveal

I needed a little breathing time/downtime earlier this week after the whirlwind that was the release of my new eCookbook, so I decided to take that downtime to not make a recipe and instead snap some photos of my upcoming babe’s nursery to share with you. I hope you don’t mind! Slash welcome to my home, sort of? Maybe I’ll do a full house tour once I do the dishes. For now, bebe’s room. Focus.

I’ll start by addressing two things: 1) This is the teeniest room in our house — our storage space in the basement is bigger than this room — so it was a bit of an ordeal getting good angles/photos of the whole thing. So bear with me on the janky photography, kthanks. 2) The color on the walls is not gray nor blue (nor pink nor brown), but instead a purple that apparently cannot get its act together on the whole staying-the-same-shade in photographyville. The wall color is actually Heirloom Orchid, if you want to know what it looks like in real life.

Mmmmk, now that we have THAT out of the way: To the nursery we go!

the “quick bread love” ecookbook

quick bread love ecookbook

OH MY GARSH, YOU GUYS. It’s here. It’s really here. Somebody pinch me and hand me a cookie (I need both to know this is real life).

I am so giddy to announce that my eCookbook, “Quick Bread Love,” is now available for purchase!

This eBook has been in the works for many, many moons (OK like four months, but still) and has required many hours of hard work in the kitchen, behind the camera, on the computer, on the floor in a heap of butter and pouty faces (ya know, when things didn’t go as planned) — but I loved every minute of it. Truly. And I am so excited to share all of that hard work with you today.

So what will you find in “Quick Bread Love”? 31 tasty, easy quick bread recipes (including sweet and savory loaves, muffins, scones, biscuits and coffee cakes!), for sure. But here’s a more in-depth smattering for you of the goods:

garlic cheddar brioche buns

garlic cheddar brioche buns on plate

It’s Friiiiiday, Friiiiiday, gotta get down on… Ahem. Friday. But seriously, I could not be more ready for the weekend. The weather here might not say so but it IS springtime, dangit, and we’re planning on living it up for dinner at least once this weekend by grilling.

This is about as exciting as our life gets right now, you guys, as we wait for baby to arrive (then life will REALLY get exciting… gah). I am slowly narrowing the radius for acceptable driving distances from our house/the hospital each and every day. As the husband so aptly put it, “It’s like we’re living in The Truman Show.”

Well hey, as long as there are burgers on garlic cheddar brioche buns to be had inside the bubble, I’m cool with it.