Girl Versus Dough

black-bottom sweet potato pudding pie

slice of pie on a plate

Thanksgiving might look a little different for everyone this year, but that doesn’t mean pie is uninvited to the dessert table. Put this black-bottom sweet potato pudding pie at the top of the list; with a sweet graham cracker crust, layers of homemade chocolate pudding and sweet potato pudding and a fluffy whipped topping, you’ll want to make room for slice after slice of this decadent dessert.

my favorite thanksgiving recipes

a slice of cranberry crumble pie with ice cream on top

Still lurking around the interwebs for Thanksgiving menu inspiration? Scroll through this post for plenty of easy, delicious and family-friendly Thanksgiving recipes from the apps to the sweets and everything in-between. These are some of my absolute favorite, most-treasured, tried-and-true Thanksgiving recipes we make for my family every year.

giant oatmeal-raisin cookies

stack of giant oatmeal-raisin cookies on a cooling rack

When it comes to cookies, no size is too big. That’s why we went all out on these Giant Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies, which are as big as your hand but just as soft, chewy and flavorful as the original. Full of plump raisins, chewy oats and warm spices, these cookies will delight the oatmeal-raisin cookie lovers of the world but might also turn skeptics into fans. Give these larger-than-life treats a try and enjoy them with a glass of cold milk for the ultimate dessert experience.

sourdough cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting

close-up shot of sourdough cinnamon rolls in pan

When I think of the ideal cinnamon roll, I think of one that is impeccably soft and fluffy, with a slight chew and pull from the glutinous swirls. Every bite is delicately sweet and spiced, buttery and cream cheese-y, warm and ooey-gooey. That’s exactly what these sourdough cinnamon rolls are, and then some — because with the added tang and tenderness from the sourdough starter, they’re a step above traditional cinnamon rolls in all the very best ways.

maple cream cookies

maple cream cookies stacked on a cutting board

Let’s put on our cozy flannel, our wool socks and our fuzzy slippers; light a pumpkin candle; whip up a chai latte; and make these Maple Cream Cookies today! Buttery, maple-kissed shortbread cookies are sandwiched with a deliciously smooth maple buttercream for a simple-yet-scrumptious treat that embodies all the goodness of this season.

instant pot chocolate cheesecake

sliced instant pot chocolate cheesecake on a plate

If ever I was trapped on a desert island, I would 100% make room to bring my Instant Pot with me (logistics of electricity are suspended for the purposes of this story, OK?) — if for no other reason than to make this divine chocolate cheesecake whenever the craving strikes. With a thick Oreo cookie crust, a creamy chocolate filling and a decadent ganache topping, this Instant Pot cheesecake is the very definition of chocolate overload in the very best way — and you never have to turn on your oven to make it.