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a little makeover + a happy thanksgiving

Girl Versus Dough redesign

Hi there! Just popping in before the big turkey day tomorrow to show you the little (read: Big. Awesome. Amazing.) pre-holiday makeover Girl Versus Dough underwent these past couple of days. The lovely and fantastic ladies of Wooden Spoons Kitchen literally took all of my random, garbled babbling about all the pretty things I wanted my blog to have/look like and turned it into THIS. They’re geniuses. And magicians. And I can’t thank them enough.

So have a look around (especially at the new recipe index!). Take a peek. Do some fiddling (not like with a fiddle, duh — unless you do that, too, in which case by all means, PROCEED). Let me know if anything seems weird or wonky, please. And enjoy settling into this fancied up new home with me.

I would have a recipe to share with you today, but 1) I’m about to be all up in Thanksgiving vacation mode soon and I assume you are, too, and 2) the next recipe I have for you is really quite perfect for the weekend ahead. So I’ll be back on Friday with some brunch-like yums for you.

Until then, a very happy, peaceful, food-stuffed and love-filled Thanksgiving to you all. I heart you so.

classic hot toddy

Classic Hot Toddy

My amazing, wonderful, hilarious husband, Elliott, decided to take the blog reigns today for a guest post about cocktails (something he enjoys and I enjoy when, you know, I’m not growing an onion in my belly). In case you’re in need of a classic hot toddy for the holidays, for that nasty cold or because it’s got bourbon in it and that’s all you need to know… well, Elliott can fill you in more on how to make this tasty beverage (P.S. photos are still by me so the artist at work had both hands free to create his cocktails).

It’s 28 degrees and snowing in Minnesota today. I’ve just finished raking and bagging the last of the leaves. After my glasses fog up coming back inside, it’s time for something to warm me up. Because leaves are the bane of my existence.

How about something classic? How about something piping hot, sweet and containing alcohol? YES PLEASE.

Not just something classic, the classic. That would be the hot toddy thankyouverymuch (see what I did there, Stephanie?). There’s endless variations, but I like to start with the traditional: bourbon, lemon juice, honey and hot water. So let’s pretend it’s the 1800s and a hot toddy can cure you of that nagging cold or flu. Or the beginning of a long Minnesota winter.

turkey pancakes

Turkey Pancakes

Or, alternately titled, “When Steph Admits to the Interwebs That She Still Plays With Her Food.”

It’s true. I went and made some spiced Thanksgiving pancakes and then dressed them up like a turkey. Because I can.

But seriously — can’t you just see yourself and your family enjoying these festive pancakes for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning? I mean, you could just eat regular old pancakes, or you can spend 2.5 extra seconds making these and it will be like everyone is getting double the turkey that day, for which they will be doubly happy. And thankful. Happyful.

thanksgiving leftovers nachos

Thanksgiving Leftovers Nachos

Ohmygoodness, do you know what is happening here? Pretty much the combination of my favorite foods into one dish: Thanksgiving leftovers, and nachos. I just… I can’t even… ugh. I wish I still had leftovers of these leftovers.

Funny story about these nachos: I actually made them on Halloween. So while we were handing out candy to the costumed kids, we were simultaneously munching on Thanksgiving-themed nachos. Then we had Halloween candy for dessert. My head was so confused by the holiday mash-up, though my belly was all, “GOOD GRAVY GIMME MORE.” (Except there is no gravy on these nachos. Because that would be gross.) (Also, that’s my food baby talking. My real baby will be much more well-behaved.)


vitamix blender {giveaway}

Vitamix Giveaway

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. We’re preparing for the holidays, we’re drinking hot cocoa and hot apple cider, we’re baking cookies and cozying up by fireplaces and snuggling in sweaters and scarves. Oh, and we’re giving away blenders.

But not just any ol’ blender, my friends — a fancy, fun, pretty, beautiful, awesome, blenderific Vitamix blender, to be exact. Meep! (That’s me squealing in delight for you guys.)

dark chocolate peppermint meringues

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Meringues

Hey you know what you should make this week? And by should, I mean need to?

These. You should/need to make these.

Let me just put it this way: They taste like the holidays in cookie form (although, hold up — are meringues considered cookies? Or are they more like a candy? Or are they just in their own hybrid category? I like to think of them as cookies so let’s go with that), but that’s not even the best part. The best part, THE BEST PART, is that they are filled with chocolate frosting.

You’re welcome.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain in a little greater detail why, exactly, you really should (need to) make these meringues.