Girl Versus Dough

pumpkin cranberry twists

Pumpkin Cranberry Twists

OK so yes, it’s not even Halloween yet and I’m about to talk about Thanksgiving. But if you’re one of those way-way-ahead Thanksgiving planners, you’ve probably already got most of the menu hashed out for the big day.

Me? Well, I’ve got the rolls covered!

Thanksgiving for us has varied greatly for the past few years. The first year we were hitched, we had Thanksgiving at my parents’ house, so my mom and dad were in charge of the food (and I was in charge of the eating, natch). The following year, we decided to host Thanksgiving, for both families, in our 700-square-foot apartment. It was chaotic and merry all at the same time, and hot. So hot. Twelve people and a not well-ventilated kitchen with the stove and oven going all day in a small space makes for an Amazon-like atmosphere, just FYI.

The next year, we hosted Thanksgiving at our place again but for half the people, which was still merry but less chaotic and Amazon-like. And the year after that, we spent Thanksgiving with Elliott’s fam at their place.

For a few of those years we’ve been in charge of the turkey and some sides and/or desserts. But as much as I love ALL OF THE THANKSGIVING FOOD (seriously, last meal? Thanksgiving dinner), my favorite thing to make for the holiday is rolls. Because carbs.

recipe roundup — fall sweets + breakfast treats

Recipe Roundup

Happy Thursday, ladies and gentlefolk! I hope your weeks have been treating you well and that you’re looking ahead to fun-filled weekends. As for me, I’m heading to Iowa City this weekend to catch up with old friends, so this week has been pretty hectic in getting everything prepped for some time away.

BUT because I like you guys and I just can’t leave you hanging without something yummy to share, I’ve wrastled up a roundup of some tasty fall sweets and breakfast treats I’ve been creating for some neat sites I write for, like Tablespoon, Betty Crocker, Bisquick and KitchenAid. Get ready for some serious yums in your face.

First up! Slow Cooker Turtle Upside-Down Cake (pictured above). Um, to say that I ate approximately half of this cake with my by myself in two days is an understatement. It’s rich and it’s delicious and it’s easy and you gots to make it.

granny smith apple ginger compote + french vanilla yogurt

apple ginger compote in glasses

I played kickball yesterday, you guys. Like, kick-a-ball-around-on-a-field with teams and running and everything. I haven’t played kickball since high school, and I’ll tell you why: I am the least athletically coordinated person on the planet. Sports + Stephanie = not such a great pair.

I’ve tried, oh, I’ve tried. And the closest I ever got was being on the winning team for badminton in high school (but I totally rocked that racquet). I’m also pretty good at aerobics, though I’m fairly certain it’s impossible to be bad at aerobics (actually, I take that back. I have seen my darling husband try to do aerobics and it’s not pretty).

Anywho, so kickball. I did that yesterday. And it actually wasn’t as much of the Spectacular Horrorfest of Embarrassment I’d expected it to be; in fact, it was kind of fun. All that to say, however, that my kitchen and I? Yeah… we’re a much better pair.

mexican elote skillet cornbread

Mexican Elote Skillet Cornbread

Honest talk: I’ve been feeling pretty void of inspiration in the kitchen lately.

These times come and go, I know this. But when you’re in the thick of it and you can’t even decide what your rumbly tumbly is telling you to make for dinner and you or may or may not resort to a box of mac and cheese, you know it’s bad. Sigh.

Thankfully, this skillet cornbread was created during the opposite of those times. So I have a theory that if I just keep making it again and again, my inspiration will return (or at the very least, my tummy will be full in the meantime).

cookies + creme dessert pizza

cookies and creme dessert pizza on a baking pan

Please tell me I’m not the only one who grew up going to those Pizza Hut buffets and would always get the dessert pizza.

Let me take you on a walk down memory lane — er, buffet table. There was this huge, long table (or at least it felt that way for wee Stephanie) with a bazillion pizzas on it, and at the end was a dessert pizza. It had a cookie crust, and it was topped with some congealed fruit topping, a microwave sugar glaze and some streusel. In hindsight, it was probably the most disgusting thing ever, but at the time it was allIwantedever because it was dessert. Some things haven’t changed.

I have fond memories of those dessert pizza-eating days, and yet since the buffet location shut near my hometown it’s been a few and far day that I’ve indulged in a sweet cookie pizza. So when Hershey’s and Betty Crocker teamed up to create a new line of frostings and mixes and asked a few bloggers to create new recipes with them, I didn’t skip a beat before deciding that a dessert pizza was in order — and not one with congealed fruit topping on it, thankyouverymuch.

pumpkin coconut yogurt waffles

Pumpkin Coconut Yogurt Waffles

Happy Friday, friends! I’m here with a bonus post for all y’alls because a) I like you and b) you need these waffles in your life this weekend. No later. Heck, if you want to make them for dinner tonight that would be cool with me. Just let me know what time to come over, mmk?

Anyway… so, waffles. To be honest, I was never really a big waffle fan until I started making them at home. I always order pancakes over waffles in restaurants, and while I did love me a toasted waffle from the freezer every once in a while (along with Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudel; how I didn’t end up in a sugar coma on a daily basis is beyond me), it was really all about the pancakes.

Now? Now it’s all about the homemade waffles: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, plain or chocolate chip or blueberry-filled or topped with syrup or pumpkin and coconut yogurt-flavored, the latter of which I have to say is quickly inching its way up the ladder to Favorite Waffledom.