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double chocolate s’mores whoopie pies

Double Chocolate S'mores Whoopie Pies

It may be mid-September but to me, s’mores season lives on long throughout the fall. And really, if I wanted a s’more in the middle of a snowstorm in January, NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

Sheesh, that was a little dramatic. Sorry about that. Back to the s’mores.

Whenever I think of s’mores I think of that scene in the movie, “The Sandlot” (a pivotal film in my childhood), when Ham explains to Smalls how to make a s’more. “First, you take the graham. You stick the chocolate on the graham. Then, you roast the mallow. When the mallow’s flamin’, you stick it on the chocolate. Then, you cover it with the other end. Then, you stuff.”

Genius, that Ham.

While these double chocolate s’mores whoopie pies aren’t made quite so properly, the stuffing part is still intact. And I think Ham would be OK with that. I hope you are, too.

whole wheat honey oatmeal bread

whole wheat honey oatmeal bread loaf sliced

Sometimes I like to be fancy.

Sometimes I like to wear high heels because it makes me feel fancy (this happens approximately once a year, though, maybe twice if a wedding is involved). Sometimes I buy and then eat expensive cheese because it feels like something fancy people do. Sometimes I get dressed and wear makeup and put on jewelry at home even when I know I’m not going out that day, for the fanciness of it (again, this happens approximately once a year, maybe twice).

And sometimes I make my own sandwich bread because it’s fancy without the fuss — and there’s food involved. My favorite kind of fancy.

If you’re an oatmeal bread lover or a whole wheat bread lover or a bread lover in general (which is probably why you’re here in the first place, hi hello), you’re going to love this bread. It’s a classic sandwich loaf through and through — light and fluffy, but dense enough to rock a grilled cheese or a PB & J or a deli sandwich or jammy toast. The flavor is mild but it doesn’t taste like air, either — it’s subtly sweet with an earthy undertone, thanks to that whole wheat action. And the oatmeal is da best addition — gives it just a hint of texture and a flavor boost. I mean, really, this sandwich bread is fancy.

creamy broccoli soup

Creamy Broccoli Soup

I’m a total weirdo when it comes to soup (and other things, as you know, but let’s stay focused here).

If it’s a chunky soup, it has to be broth-based, like minestrone or vegetable soup or chicken noodle soup. And it has to be really, really chunky — none of that canned stuff where the three pieces of chicken are microscopic.

If it’s a creamy soup, it has to be smooth. I can’t handle seeing pieces of broccoli floating in my cheese soup, or rice in my tomato soup. The only allowable floaters are croutons, thankyouverymuch.

In other news, I just made soup sound really, really gross. Let’s try to make up for that.

You see, this creamy broccoli soup? It’s a complete anomaly when it comes to my weird soup quirks. It’s broth-based, so I should want things in it, but it’s smooth and I like it that way. But it’s also kind of a cream-like soup with a little bit of texture and heartiness, and I’m totally cool with that, too. I don’t know, you guys. It just works for me. Maybe it’s because it’s too delicious for me to really care one way or the other.

crusty no-knead bread with toasted grains

Crusty No-Knead Bread

It’s been way too long — way, way, way, way too long (if anyone gets that 90s song reference, brownie points for you. And an actual brownie if I could send you one.) — since I’ve made and posted a real, legit bread recipe for you.

I’m sorry. I really am.

But I hope you can forgive me because I made things like caramel macchiato muffins and Mexican chicken bakes in the meantime.

And now, here we are, finally with a real, legit bread recipe. But this time, it’s extra exciting. Why? Because it’s the start of a 12-week video series I’m planning to do fer ya. Every Thursday, not only can you expect a real, legit bread recipe to be posted, but I’ll also include a super/awesome/crazy/cool video of a tip and or trick related to baking. I’ve already made a full list on my Tips and Tricks page, but I know some of us are visual learners (read: me) and I thought it might be helpful to have video clips to go with each tip.

Plus, videos are way more super/awesome/crazy/cool than me just rambling about how you can bake bread. Way, way, way, way more — OK, I’ll stop.

caramel macchiato doughnut muffins

Caramel Macchiato Doughnut Muffins

Oh hey, friendlies! Happiest Labor Day wishes to you all. I hope you’re spending your day with yummy food, good company and preferably a cabin/beach/park/sunny day on the side.

Me? My day is actually super lame, as the husband is working today. But we made up for it earlier this weekend with some fun end-of-summer times. And I would say I also made up for it by making and devouring these caramel macchiato doughnut muffins I made for my dear friend Stephie’s Friends First series, but the truth is I already made and devoured them weeks ago: even the ones I set aside in the freezer for later. Oy. Good thing I’ve got a free day today and these muffins take like two seconds to make. Winning! (Do people even say that anymore? I need new phrases.)

pumpkin cheesecake gingersnap ice cream

Pumpkin Cheesecake Gingersnap Ice Cream

You’re going to love me or hate me for this one.

I know. I know. It’s not even September yet and I’m talking about pumpkin.

But hear me out — I figured, since it’s ice cream and all, that it was kinda sorta the most perfect thing to share just before the weekend that officially marks the transition from summer to fall.

And now those of you still holding onto summer are giving me the stink eye. Heyyyy, now — ice cream!