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salted dark chocolate honey biscotti

Salted Dark Chocolate Honey Biscotti

Hi hello, friends!

Popping in for a bonus post this lovely Friday to let you know that I’m guest posting these oh-so-delicious salted dark chocolate honey biscotti over at the wonderful Stefanie’s blog, Sarcastic Cooking, while she rests and relaxes with her new baby boy. Can you say “YUM” a million billion times? Because I’m pretty sure I did when I tried one of these biscotti. I’m also pretty sure I heard a choir of angels singing as I made them. No big deal.

Head on over to Stefanie’s site to grab the recipe! And happy weekend. I hope it’s filled with cookies.

orange pecan cream cheese coffee cake

Orange Pecan Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

First of all, thank you all so much for sharing the joy in our news. We are so excited to welcome a baby girl into our lives. I’m already so anxious to meet her! And I’m pretty sure she’s anxious to get out, too, because it’s like a dang karate school in my belly right now with all her (adorable) kicking.

Second of all, this coffee cake. You have to make it. The end.

OK but seriously, let’s think about all the things that are probably on your mind right now (as they are mine) — Christmas shopping, preparing the Christmas dinner menu, Christmas shopping, shoveling/snowblowing the snow off the driveway, decorating for Christmas, making sure you don’t slip and break a hip on your way from the house to the car, Christmas shopping, making sure the cat doesn’t destroy all the ornaments at the bottom of the tree, Christmas shopping (in case you can’t tell, I am WAY behind on my Christmas shopping). The last thing you’re thinking about is getting a legit meal on the table (unless Christmas cookies count, which in my house they totally have/do).

While you might not be so keen to have coffee cake for dinner (in which case, this soup should do the trick), you can definitely cross off your weekend breakfast/brunch with this one. And you get to sleep in, too. Huzzah!

chunky red pepper soup with orzo + herb oil

Chunky Red Pepper Soup

This was one of those recipes that I could have kept adding more and more “and”s to but I had to stop myself.

Like I could have added chorizo or Italian sausage, making it chunky red pepper soup with orzo AND herb oil AND chorizo/Italian sausage.

And then I thought about adding cheese, making it chunky red pepper soup with orzo AND chorizo/Italian sausage AND cheese.

And then I thought it could also be really really good with bits of potato in it, making it chunky red pepper soup with orzo AND chorizo/Italian sausage AND cheese AND bits of potato.

But I stopped myself because, well, what we have here? It’s pretty darn near perfect as it is.

brown butter apple cheddar pie crescent rolls

brown butter apple cheddar pie crescent rolls on plate

It’s finally the Christmas season and while I’m feeling all sorts of merry and joyful, I’m also feeling immense guilt over all the Pinterest crafts I planned to do this year and never did.

Oh, this is nothing new. Every year, I declare that “this! This will be the year I make that homemade advent calendar! That I decorate my tree in homemade origami ornaments! That I crochet infinity scarves for all my friends and relatives! That I make a homemade wreath that won’t fall apart in two days!”

And then I get bogged down with Christmas shopping and to-do lists and baking brown butter apple cheddar pie crescent rolls and none of the crafts ever happen. Though I have to say that in the case of pie-stuffed crescent rolls, I’ll take them over crafts any day.

sugar + spice layer cake

Sugar and Spice Layer Cake

It’s turned into a dessert week here, guys and gals! And if you’ve guessed that my holiday diet so far has consisted of 50 percent dessert, you’d be right.

But there is a more important reason that this cake exists (besides my insatiable cravings for sweets lately), and that reason is Audra, a.k.a. The Baker Chick, and her soon-to-arrive baby boy.

double chocolate mint cheesecake

double chocolate mint cheesecake on cake stand

Well, lookahere. I made a cheesecake. A chocolate cheesecake. A chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate crust. A chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate crust and a creamy mint topping.

If you’re not drooling like I am at this point, I don’t think we can be friends (just kidding. We can still be friends. But then I get to eat all the cheesecake).

Fun story about this cheesecake: It’s part of Betty Crocker’s annual Red Hot Holiday Trends! Oh, you don’t know what that is? Well you should, because it’s kind of amazing. Each year, Betty Crocker comes up with a list of upcoming food trends for the holidays. This year, there is some extra yummy stuff going on, like Sweet and Savory Cookies, Jam Cocktails (WUT) and Merry Mashups. My cheesecake is part of the Copycat Candy trend, because it tastes just like a freaking Andes mint, I kid you not, but in cheesecake form (OK, are you drooling now?).