Girl Versus Dough

frozen thai iced coffee

Frozen Thai Iced Coffee

I leave for summer camp tomorrow and I could not be more excited about it.

More specifically, I’m leaving on a jet plane early early early (like, pre-dawn early) to fly out to California for an adventure known as Camp Blogaway. And that’s just what it is — camp. Like, sleeping bags and cabin bunks camp. Like, mountains and bonfires camp. Like, I’m re-living my high school youth group retreats camp. I can’t wait.

(There’s also no Wi-Fi, evidently, which I’m less excited about but I’m going to do my best to embrace it. Gulp).

nutella-swirled banana bread

Nutella-Swirled Banana Bread

This is a Monday morning kind of bread.

This is a “I don’t want to get out of bed” kind of bread. A “I just need one more second of vacation” kind of bread. The kind of bread you make when you don’t want to grow up, when it’s your birthday and you want to put Nutella on it (like a bird), when you just know you’re going to have a bad day so you need a slice (or three) of this bread to make it a good one. Or, when you’re having a good day and you just want to keep it that way.

Now that you’re sufficiently drooling all over your keyboard, head over to the lovely Pass the Cocoa where I’ve shared a guest post on this scrumptious Nutella-swirled banana bread. Please note that, yes, all anecdotes about the deliciousness of this bread are not from me but from my taste-testers because I’m allergic to bananas. So also, YES, it was the most torturous torture of all tortures making this loaf and not being able to actually take a legitimate bite of it. Good thing I had a spoon and extra Nutella nearby to console myself.

Happy Monday, loves!

ciabatta bread

Ciabatta Bread

I’m going back to my roots and it tastes delicious.

I realize that I haven’t baked a legit bread in what seems like forever (said like Squints in “Sandlot,” ALWAYS). And considering that this blog is foundationally about bread, I felt I was doing you all a disservice. So, here we are.

I’ve had ciabatta on the docket for what feels like a bazillion years, but I just never got around to it. I couldn’t even tell you why — especially after taking one bite of it and realizing this may be one of the best breads I’ve ever baked. Of course, that led to me kicking myself for not making it sooner, but I suppose it was because I was too busy dunking my face in prosecco-poached peaches and queso fundido — which, I feel, is a pretty good excuse.

spring pea + asparagus pasta

Spring Pea Asparagus Pasta

In the nearly four years we’ve been married, my husband and I have learned most of each others’ quirks. Like how I have a very specific sense of order about my things and if they are moved even an inch by my husband, I notice. Or, how he couldn’t care less about the cleanliness of our apartment, but his shirts must be folded perfectly. Or, how he believes anything above 40 degrees outside is “shorts weather,” whereas I could be up to my neck in a snuggie until July — unless it’s nighttime, in which case he’s freezing all night and I always feel like a marshmallow roasting over a fire.

It doesn’t stop when it comes to food, either. While we both do love a good Chipotle run, I definitely have my “single girl” dinners (read: salad, quinoa, Velveeta mac n’ cheese, cookies) whereas he has his own preferences (read: Chips, pizza rolls, frozen pizza, beer). Oftentimes we can agree on a home-cooked meal that satisfies both sets of tastebuds, but it doesn’t always happen. And sometimes, I’m surprised by what he actually does like (because really, it’s mostly chips and pizza).

perfect pairings — prosecco-poached peaches + liberte coconut yogurt

Prosecco-Poached Peaches

A few announcements:

Firstly, THANK YOU for the wonderful birthday wishes. I never cease to be amazed by how lovely the blogging community is and I am so blessed to be a part of it. I heart you all big time and I’m giving you all virtual bear hugs right now. I hope you don’t mind.

Secondly, Mother’s Day weekend is coming up quick, y’all! Have you figured out what you’re doing for your mama on Sunday? I’m not going to lie: I’m copping out this year and we’re going out to eat for brunch (there’s nearly 10 of us getting together and I’m not willing to put them all through the disaster that is me making breakfast for a crowd pre-10 a.m., when I’ve surely only had one cup of coffee so far).

That said, if you’re plans are of the more ambitious variety, mayhaps these prosecco-poached peaches atop Liberte’s coconut yogurt will make it to your menu? That’s a rhetorical question, really.

bestowed {giveaway}

Bestowed Giveaway

(This giveaway is closed.) I’m turning 26 on Wednesday and I don’t feel ready for it.

What I mean is, I just don’t feel 26 years old (or how I thought it was supposed to feel, anyway). I still put the water pitcher back in the fridge empty sometimes, much to the chagrin of the husband. I still don’t know how to do my own taxes. I don’t separate my reds from my darks when I do laundry because I’m too lazy. I don’t go to the dentist twice a year or floss every day like I should. I still get excited when I hear the music from the ice cream truck down the street. And sometimes, when I’ve had a rough day, I feel the urge to cuddle up with my old blankie.

That said, I’m excited to turn another year older. I love being a (mostly) grownup. I like being able to do my own thang; I like being able to vote and to drive and to have a beverage with bourbon in it and to not get grounded when I come home later than 11 p.m. And I like having the freedom to be in charge of my own health and nutrition.