Girl Versus Dough

made from earth {giveaway}

Made From Earth

(This giveaway is closed.) Ladies and gentlefolk, let’s talk skin care, shall we? I know we usually talk about yummy breads and baked goods around these parts, but for today, I’d like to talk about my face. Bear with me.

You see, my skin is not the best skin in all the land. It has taken a good beating over the years thanks to my lack of care/knowledge on how to properly treat it. Only in the last few years have I really started to pay close attention to how the sun and air and other elements affect my face, and I especially paid attention when I had a facial a few months ago and the esthetician showed me under some strange blue light how much all the things have been affecting my skin. Oof.

So when Made from Earth, an organic and holistic skin care line, contacted me about reviewing their products (and more importantly, offering a couple of them to all y’all for FREE… but we’ll get to that in a second), I was all over it. Yes. Please help me with my face.

beer-battered bean + cheese stuffed poblano chiles

Beer Battered Stuffed Poblanos

After many a school bus ride, late-night sleepover and family huddle around the campfire, it’s safe to say that if you and I ever play the “What is the one food you could eat every day for the rest of your life?” game, my answer always will be Mexican food. I cannot and will not ever get enough of it. We always have the goods for quesadillas in our refrigerator; enchiladas are on a heavy dinner rotation; tacos = yes. Always; and you already know how I feel about nine-layer tostadas.

That said, a girl can get a little tired of the same old beans + meat + cheese in a tortilla situation, so when it was time for my weekly (read: daily) fix of Mexican food, I decided to mix things up a bit. Enter beer-battered bean and cheese stuffed poblano chiles. Enter magical deliciousness into my mouth. Enter my newly abridged answer to the “What is the one food you could eat every day for the rest of your life?” game: Beer-battered Mexican food. That is, if I could also wear elastic sweatpants every day (which, in some ways, I already do).

whole wheat pita bread

Whole Wheat Pita Bread

Let me walk you through a typical day lately: It’s 4:30 p.m. I haven’t showered yet or put on makeup — I’m lucky if I’ve even changed out of my pajamas into real people clothes (sometimes taking off my flannel pants and putting on my yoga pants counts as getting dressed. Real life). Mount Dishes of Doom has piled high in the sink, an amorphous mass of half-licked chocolate-covered spoons, empty oatmeal bowls, a skillet used to make tonight’s dinner and some of the doodads and thingamabobs that go with my food processor. The sun is shining, which is pretty great, except that it’s showing every square inch of my apartment where the cat hair hasn’t been cleaned up in a few days. The bed isn’t made, I still never called the bank to get that thing fixed and I need to make a hair appointment, like, yesterday. The stuff atop my head just isn’t socially acceptable anymore.

In short, it’s been chaotic. Sometimes I feel like my head is just above water — other times, I just need a corner to cry in and an ice cream sandwich. I wonder what it will be like when I have kids — I surmise that will be the moment I go full-on crazy cat lady. At least it will make for a good memoir.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad busy these days — and in the quieter moments, when I can finally take a shower or actually do yoga in my yoga pants or make this whole wheat pita bread, I am able to look past the cat hair and enjoy the sunshine.

easter brunch with bisquick — easter rainbow pancakes

Easter Rainbow Pancakes

It’s the final countdown, ladies and gentlefolk — have you figured out your food-related Easter plans? In case brunch is still a work in progress, mayhaps you’ll consider making these pancakes of the rainbow and Easter-shaped variety. Bunnies and flowers and all the colors of the rainbow = win win WIN.

easter eggs, three ways

Easter Eggs Three Ways

This Easter egg-dyeing situation happened out of a moment of sheer “OhmygoshI’malmosttwentysixyearsold” panic (which is still a good month and a half away, by the way, but I like to panic early). It’s why I rolled some eggs in glitter — for my inner preteen. It’s why I wrapped parsley leaves around eggs and stained them in tea — for my great-grandmother, who passed along to me good, healthy German genes and who used to dye her eggs this way. It’s why I dip-dyed eggs, too — because, well, because my quarter-century self thinks its pretty. And I’d like to record this moment in time however I can.

(This is also my very first-ever crafty post, which I made with my mama on a recent mini getaway, so please bear with me on the less-than-stellar photography and missing step photos. I’ll blame it on being too mesmerized by the glitter.)

Let’s dye some eggs like YOLO! (Are people still saying that? I’m too old to know.)