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overnight caramel pecan sticky buns

overnight caramel pecan sticky buns on cooling rack

Breakfast called and it wants — nay, NEEDS — these overnight caramel pecan sticky buns. Prep these tonight for a perfectly sweet, fluffy, gooey, homemade morning treat everyone at the table will love.

It’s a full-on winter wonderland outside in Minnesota and I am full-on here for it. Much as I do love me some warmth and sunshine, there’s nothing quite as magical as a blanket of fluffy white snow — especially if I’m inside in a cozy warm blanket with a cup of coffee in hand to enjoy it.

But you know what’s even better than that? Enjoying the snow from inside with a cozy blanket, cup of coffee in one hand and a plate of overnight caramel sticky buns in the other. That is living the best life.

winter deep dish sausage pizza with brussels sprouts + pesto

Winter Deep Dish Sausage Pizza with Brussels Sprouts and Pesto Recipe -- Homemade no-knead pizza dough topped with sauteed Brussels sprouts, bright pesto, melty mozzarella cheese and hot Italian sausage. This easy pizza recipe will keep you full and cozy all winter long. @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #weeknightdinner #datenightrecipe #winterrecipe

Cozy up to this Winter Deep Dish Sausage Pizza with Brussels Sprouts and Pesto. A thick homemade no-knead pizza crust is topped with layers of sauteed Brussels sprouts, melty mozzarella cheese, creamy pesto and hot Italian sausage crumbles. It’s official: this pizza is my Valentine.

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I need to have a break-up, and that break-up is with frozen pizza.

Yes, I know, it’s so easy to just pop a pizza pie into the oven and have hot and ready pizza in 20 minutes, but it’s just never that good, ya know? The crust tastes like cardboard, the sauce is too sweet, the toppings include approximately 3.25 pieces of pepperoni, etc. You get my point. While there may be a time and place for subpar frozen pizza, to me, it’s just a waste of a perfectly good pizza night.

So now that I’ve broken up with frozen pizza, I want to introduce you to my new Valentine: this homemade deep dish sausage pizza topped with Brussels sprouts, pesto, Italian sausage and of course, cheese. This is no rebound, friends — this is the real deal of pizza. It’s true love at first bite.

fudgy brownies with cashew butter frosting

Fudgy Brownies with Cashew Butter Frosting -- this is the ultimate fudgy brownies recipe, but then it gets better... with cashew butter frosting. Bake up these brownies for the most perfectly decadent dessert! @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #brownierecipe #chocolate #cashews #dessertrecipe #dessertbars

These Fudgy Brownies with Cashew Butter Frosting are the real deal, you guys. Dense, thick and moist brownies are topped with a creamy, ridiculously indulgent cashew butter frosting that is so good, you’ll want to eat it with a spoon. But don’t, because the pairing with brownies is even better. Just one bite and you’ll agree.

A few things.

First, it’s FINALLY February. Oof, did anyone else feel like January was six months long? I am so glad we made it. And since everyone and their mom, literally, has talked about how cold it was this week (yours truly included), we can now all collectively celebrate the fact that it’s warming up and getting that much closer to springtime. In fact, here in Minnesota, we are expected to reach the 40s by Sunday. PRAISE BE.

Second, these fudgy brownies. Recently I realized that I have exactly one brownie recipe on my site and, you guys, that’s not OK. For someone who really loves brownies, this is a poor reflection on one of my favorite dessert choices. If you put me in front of a bowl of ice cream and a plate of brownies and made me choose, I would always choose the brownies. Though, let’s be real — ice cream with brownies is really the winning option.

That being said, if you put me in front of a bowl of ice cream with brownies and a plate of these fudgy brownies with cashew butter frosting, there is no contest — these frosted brownies will win, every time. They’re THAT good.

framing our travels with framebridge

Framing Our Travels with Framebridge -- Framebridge makes it simple and effortless to frame your memories to treasure for years to come. @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #Framebridge #gallerywall #homedesign

Want to frame your favorite memories? Framebridge is your friend. I’ve collaborated with them today in framing our travels with their Mini Grid, a perfect way to hang our memories on the wall and enjoy them for years to come. Framebridge provided the frames, but all opinions are my own.

I’ve had these frames from Framebridge ready to hang before we even had a wall on which to hang them. Before we knew where we would land after deciding to stop traveling full-time in an RV, I knew I wanted some tangible way to preserve our sweet memories of our time on the road to enjoy in our new home — to bridge the transition between a home on wheels to a home with a firm foundation, if you will.

So when the kind folks at Framebridge offered to frame our travel images in their Mini Grid gallery wall, I jumped at the chance. And then we found a place to live — and a wall on which to hang them.

homemade soft flour tortillas

stack of homemade soft flour tortillas

Want to know the secret to the best homemade soft flour tortillas? Read on for the one simple ingredient that makes them extra fluffy, soft and delicious for any taco night.

It’s true: All of my life, I’ve been eating tacos (and enchiladas, burritos, etc.) with store-bought tortillas. Unless I go to some fancy restaurant where the tortillas are homemade, in general, my taco eating experiences have always been just that less tasty.

Until now.

Because, friends, behold: Homemade soft flour tortillas, a.k.a. the best thing to ever happen to taco night. And the best part? They’re yeast-free and so easy to make. You just need a hankering for tacos and six simple ingredients to make these tortillas a part of your life.

whole wheat chocolate chunk fig bread

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chunk Fig Bread -- Made with mission dried figs, dark chocolate and whole wheat flour, this quick bread recipe is a smart food choice for the whole fam. @girlversusdough #girlversusdough #BobsRedMill #bakedwithBobs #ad

Add this whole wheat chocolate chunk fig bread to your meal prep menu so you’re set with a satisfying snack or on-the-go breakfast throughout the week. Made with mission dried figs, dark chocolate and whole wheat flour, this quick bread recipe is a smart food choice for the whole fam. This recipe is a collaboration with Bob’s Red Mill and Valley Fig Growers. I received compensation, but all opinions are my own.

In our household, we thrive on meal prep. It keeps us on track to eat balanced meals throughout the week, it keeps us from wasting food, and it keeps us from having to think about what to eat for lunch or dinner throughout the week when our lives already are filled with so much thinking.

But when it comes to breakfast or snacks? In those categories, I often fall short. So, with the start of a new year and in an effort to set my family up for success, one of my goals for 2019 is to incorporate breakfast and snack time into my weekly meal prep so we’re not all left with frozen waffles or bland peanut butter toast as our only options.