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These days, when there is something extraordinary going on that catches our attention, we want to share it, right? Good news is always worth sharing. And today, I’m taking a moment not only to acknowledge someone extraordinary in my life who is “rave-worthy,” but to invite you to do the same – for a chance to win something delicious that’s also worth raving about!

Rave apples on a surface

This post is a sponsored collaboration with Rave® apples.

Say Hello to Rave® Apples

Guys and gals, you know that if I’m going to share something on this blog, it’s because I really love it. And today, I’m sharing TWO things I love. The first? Stemilt’s new Rave® apples – aka the best apples I’ve ever tried, no joke. They’re sweet and super-juicy, with an appealing crunch and a snappy bite. They’re a cross between a Honeycrisp and a MonArk apple and hail all the way from Washington State, and they taste as incredible on their own as they do part of a cheeseboard or with a smear of nut butter for dessert.

The season for Rave® apples is short – you can get them in stores now through September. But don’t freak out! You can find them in your produce section, but I also have an opportunity for you to win Rave® apples to be sent straight to your doorstep – which I think we can all agree would be a fun and delicious pick-me-up these days.


My Rave-Worthy Person

Many of you know that my husband works in the medical field – he’s been a physician assistant for 8+ years now. But what you don’t see behind the scenes of this blog is that, in addition to working long days in a pain management clinic – and doing so every day since quarantine – he also helps me edit my photography and keeps Girl Versus Dough in tip-top shape. Oh, AND he’s the best dad to my two girls (they think of him as a human jungle gym).

When Rave® apples and Stemilt invited me to highlight a loved one, community member or business to #PassTheRave to, it was a no-brainer for me – the man who keeps us safe, healthy, loved and laughing immediately came to mind. He’s going to be so embarrassed that I decided to highlight him for this post, because to him, everything he does feels natural and commonplace. But to me and my girls, we are beyond thankful to have a hero in our home. He is the apple of our eyes and we’ll never stop raving about him.

Rave apples on a surface

It’s Your Turn to #PassTheRave

Do you have someone in your life who is rave-worthy? Now is your chance to highlight your own loved one, community member or business by sharing your own positive and uplifting story – and have a chance to win Rave® apples for your household during their short-but-sweet season.

To view the giveaway – and to help Rave® apples become the world’s First Verified Fruit – head to my Instagram feed where you can #PassTheRave to someone extraordinary in your life and enter for a chance to win Rave® apples! Let’s continue to inspire each other and share the special people in our communities. I can’t wait to see who you rave about.

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