caraway swirl rye rolls.

There is a man I work with named Roger. Roger is in charge of answering silly inquiries about subscriptions, connecting lost callers to the appropriate employee and helping little old ladies get free copies of the paper. Every Friday, while faithfully donning his Meat Loaf “Bat Out Of Hell” concert T-shirt (for casual Friday, of course), Roger greets me as I stroll through the door with this lovely acronym:


TGIF, indeed, Roger. TGIF.

So, in the spirit of the week’s end, enjoy your Friday with my sophomore post on! This time: Caraway Swirl Rye Rolls. And a TGIF to you, too, dear reader.

P.S. I got a sweet new camera for my birthday! Whew — finally, we’re getting some better photos ’round here.
P.P.S. The husband has entered the blogosphere! Check out what he has to say over at his blog, Just Appetite. He’s one smart cookie, I tell ya.