Friends! It’s been a while, I know. But, as I mentioned before (if you were LISTENING), I was on the lam to my new stomping grounds — the lovely Iowa City (where Elliott will be learning about bones and nerves and the purpose of the appendix at the University of Iowa’s physician assistant graduate school program). A humble beginning, maybe, to the untrained eye, but I intend on discovering all that this quaint city has to offer and making the best of it. I’ll keep you posted on my adventures.

For now, welcome to my new home! Take a look around (a second apology for the poor photography — I was in a hurry to show you my place).

le office

Our office/study room/my friend Ashley’s bedroom/place where I write my love letters to you.

le bedroom

The bedroom/room that IS a bed.

le living room, part uno

Yea 100-year-old television!

le living room, part dos

Couches. Comfy cozy.

le kitchen

My adorable kitchen! I’m in love.

I’ve got some exciting things to share with you coming up this week (including bread, of course!). But in the meantime, a happy Easter to you all. I’m going to go enjoy the thunderstorm brewing outside.