pb&j cookies.

This weekend, Elliott and I ventured home to the great village of Grayslake, Ill. My roots, if you will. We had a wonderful time (minus Elliott, who had to study all weekend. Dang school.) catching up, watching movies and of course, baking.

pb&j cookies, cooling off.

Let me tell you, it was not my original intention to bake this weekend. In fact, I was planning to take the weekend off from baking entirely. But then my mother (who’s elusive face will not appear here per her request, though she looked just fine) decided to up and get herself surgery on her foot while also volunteering to bake cookies for a dear friend’s baby shower that she obviously could not attend. The nerve. So who was then bequeathed the obligation to make enough cookies for 70 women? Me. Sigh. It’s a good thing I love baking and cookies, Ma. (This is about the time when she would respond with something the likes of, “Smart ass.”)

tray of pb&j cookies.

Luckily, I happened to happen upon a delicious, very simple recipe for Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies from one of my favorite blogs, Joy The Baker. This is about the second or third time I’ve baked something from her blog and posted about it here, and though this is not an issue of credit (because I always give credit where credit is due, thanks to that famous song from “My Fair Lady.” Or is it “The Music Man?” Yes I did just bring it back to high school theater days.) it is getting borderline creepy how much I love love love her recipes. Love. But I do. That is all.

pb&j cookies, revisited.

But back to the baking. Despite a few setbacks, my mother and I managed to produce two batches of these lovely, flourless cookies. And once again, I baked only enough for the women who would snatch them from me. Thank goodness a couple of them turned out ugly (but still very tasty), because I was able to indulge in at least a few nibbles of this mess.

As for the rest of the weekend, I spent it resting, then cooking, then taking a gazillion pictures of food. Because I have no friends. But seriously, because I love food, and I love my new camera, and I love taking pictures of food. I should have taken more pictures of people, I know.





But I did get a snapshot of this guy.