summer sky.

I don’t mean late as in, belated. I mean late as in, good-grief-it’s-already-August-and-therefore-late-summer-and-kids-are-going-back-to-school-and-there’s-a-chill-in-the-air-and-I-still-want-my-sunny-afternoons-lounging-by-a-pool. That kind of late. And it’s that kind of late that I hate (hey, that rhymes! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it).

But instead of moping around, staring out the window as one, then two, then three leaves fall off the trees until I’m mummy-wrapped in long johns, blankets and a balaclava (you think I’m exaggerating. I wore long jeans and three layers yesterday. In 80-degree weather.), I’m going to celebrate summer with my mouth until the air turns crisp and smells faintly of cider, the leaves change color, pumpkins and scarecrows squat on doorsteps and it’s no longer appropriate for me to wear flip flops (though one time in high school, I walked to school in a skirt and flip flops in the dead of snowy winter because I was SUFFERING FOR FASHION. Lesson learned.). And then, at that point, I will finally hang my non-existent summer hat (because I look terrible in hats. True story.) and succumb to fall baking. Which isn’t succumbing at all, because I love fall baking. You’re not confused at all, I’m sure.

But AS I WAS SAYING, until then, let’s celebrate late summer. With our mouths. Ahem. (I’m so awkward.)

mexican potato pancakes.

First up! Mexican potato pancakes a la Betty Crocker. These rock my breakfasts oftentimes. Plus, avocados are having a heyday right about now.

summer herb chex mix.

Summer herb Chex mix. I crave this in my sleep.

lemon blueberry cupcakes.

Lemon blueberry cupcakes. With a lemon curd filling. Guaranteed to render you speechless.

grilled shrimp pizza.

Once I’m done scarfing down the aforementioned Mexican potato pancakes, I make this grilled shrimp pizza for lunch. And then again for dinner. Treat yo’self.

lemon chicken salad on a pretzel bun.

This lemon chicken salad on a homemade pretzel bun has moved in and made itself at home. I gave it it’s own room.

creamy shrimp pasta.

And finally, two recipes from my newest residence, The Huffington Post! Firstly, creamy shrimp pasta with summer vegetables. This essentially was the result of throwing everything I own into a pot and praying it would turn out well (survey says: It did).

buffalo chicken calzones.

Secondly, buffalo chicken calzones. YOLO.

There you have it! A plethora of recipes to keep you full from now until the first day of fall. I’m off to go start acting my age again. Maybe.

What’s on your late-summer menu?