So… things are pretty cray right now in the Land of New Home-ness. Not Home-LESS-ness. We do have a home. That’s not confusing at all.

The outside may look all cool, calm and collected right now, but the inside looks like… well, it looks like a lot of boxes. We’ve got some work to do. One does not simply move into a house and expect it to be a home right away. But I’m excited for the future. Progress!

So please pardon the dust as we settle into our new digs. And once everything is all put together and pretty, I’ll show you around. For now, take a gander at what I’ve been cooking/baking up at le Tablespoon and Betty Crocker:

beet pizza.

Roasted beet pizza. Roasted beets are my BFF4EVA.

banana bread pancakes.

Banana bread pancakes. What the WHAT. So much goodness.

chorizo stuffed bell peppers.

Chorizo-stuffed roasted bell peppers. Spicy and sassy and good for the soul.

milano cookies.

Homemade Milano cookies. This is real life; and it’s delicious.

lemon monkey bread.

Lemon monkey bread. It’s like sunshine in your mouth (in the best possible way).

cauliflower pizza.

Mini cauliflower pizza crusts. Low in carbs, high in tastiness (and gluten free!).

Alrighty, back to unpacking. If you want to come help out, I’ll pay you. In cookies. And hugs.