jelly doughnuts

Sheesh, it’s been a while since I last kept you abreast of what I’ve been conjuring up for the interwebs. There’s some serious yumminess going on, so I thought I’d share it with all y’all. You know, because I think you’re great and stuff. And you deserve to treat yo’ self.

First up! Jelly doughnuts. I made these for a Hanukkah post, but let’s be honest — it can be Hanukkah any time of year if that means I get to eat doughnuts.

chevre + mushroom stuffed chicken

Goat cheese and mushroom stuffed chicken. Pretty sure it’s the solution to world peace.

flourless fudge cake with raspberry whipped cream

Flourless fudge cake with raspberry whipped cream. Yes. This can stay.

salmon croquettes

These salmon croquettes — a.k.a., salmon PANCAKES — rock my socks.

kale, apple + pancetta salad

We all know I can get behind a kale salad — and this one has pancetta in it. Enough said.

spicy chicken lettuce wraps

Spicy chicken lettuce wraps! It’s what’s for lunch. Or dinner. Or both.

rainbow sushi rolls

I made homemade sushi rolls! (WIN.) With a rainbow in it! (DOUBLE WIN.)

strawberry cream cheese monkey bread

You haven’t lived until you’ve had this strawberry cream cheese monkey bread. I mean.

pound cake truffles, 3 ways

Homemade truffles made from pound cake, anyone? Um, why yes, I did eat approximately a thousand.

curry winter root vegetable fries

These curry winter root vegetable fries know what’s up. And what’s up is deliciousness.

delicious, filling split pea stew

I made delicious, filling split pea stew, you guys! And it was good. Amen.

P.S. I got a new phone and therefore I’m back on the Instagrams! Follow me, if you please.