the bean.

Hello friend!

I must apologize most sincerely for my recent absence on this technological channel of conversation through which we’ve been keeping in touch. But I promise you I haven’t been sitting on my hands these past few days, oh no (except for that one day, when the husband and I watched “Ben Hur” and “Whip It” in the same morning/afternoon, totaling seven hours of movie-watching… but that’s another story).

I’ve actually been cheating on you — OK, that’s a lie. I’ve been preparing a wonderful surprise for you (there, doesn’t that sound better?).

For the month of May, I will temporarily be vacating my home on Girl Versus Dough and moving into the role of “Guest Blogger” on What is this, you ask (Gasp!) (Oh, get it together!)? It’s a nifty little Web site that features recipes from other lovely food bloggers like Sarah’s Cucina Bella and Good Life {Eats}, and sites like Pillsbury and Gold Medal. And now, it’ll feature my very own… drumroll, please… Original. Recipes.

Please contain your excitement to avoid embarrassment. Unless you don’t care, in which case feel free to share in my excitement! That’s right, recipes conjured up from my very own noggin. I’m not going to lie, my recipes, like most, are inspired by compilations of recipes I’ve seen and made over my experience as a bread baker, but nonetheless, I am finally venturing into the foray of “Original Recipe” Land. Hip hip, hooray.

So for now, dear reader, be on the lookout for my posts over at in the “Blog” tab, starting this Friday, May 7, and each Friday in May thereafter. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.