Girl Versus Dough


cranberry old fashioned in a glass

cranberry old fashioned

bee's knees cocktail in a coupe glass

bee’s knees cocktail

two holiday negronis in glasses on a surface

holiday negroni

a slice of cranberry crumble pie with ice cream on top

my favorite thanksgiving recipes

harvest apple ginger smash in a glass on a surface

harvest apple ginger smash

watermelon mojitos on a surface

watermelon mojitos

honeydew lime margaritas

honeydew lime margaritas

pomegranate kir royale cocktails

pomegranate kir royale

boozy chocolate horchata

boozy chocolate horchata {giveaway}

classic hot toddy cocktails on table

classic hot toddy

paloma popsicles and fruit

paloma popsicles

cherry sake cocktails

cherry sake cocktails

bloody marias & the happiest new year