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Round Twenty Nine — Five Herb Bread

Five Herb Bread

Greetings, dear readers! I would just like to share with you my excitement over the fact that it is not only Friday, but the weekend. And not just any weekend, no no. It’s Memorial Day weekend, those glorious three days of respite in which we the people are able to bask in the summer sun for the first time since it peaked its head after winter’s sweet goodbye. My plans for this mini-vacation?

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Get a tan (while wearing protective sunscreen, of course!). Hike. Beach. Road trip. Errands (boo). Bake.

What are your plans for this wonderful weekend? I hope one of them involves reading my very last post (sniffle) on Tablespoon.comFive Herb Bread. Incentive: I discuss my obsession with herbs. This may or may not be a medical condition. My husband, who is in his first week of graduate school at UI, will get back to me on that one.

For now, I’m off to enjoy my three days of relaxation. Au revoir, friends! I bid you glad tidings and a dose of summer sun as well.

P.S. Keep checking in over here at Girl Versus Dough. Mama’s coming home soon, I promise!

Round Twenty Eight — Sweet Potato & Sage Bread

Sweet Potato Sage Bread

Holy heck it’s hot outside! What is it with this Iowa weather? First we have a deluge of cold, rainy days, and now it’s like the freaking Amazon. Do. Not. Understand.

The husband and I are in an epic battle with the A/C right now. Our strategy is to stand in front of fans at high speed all day long. We have failed once already but, as the late siren Aaliyah once proclaimed, you’ve got to pick yourself up and try again. Or maybe it was Abraham Lincoln.

For now, another recipe on to console you in these times of scorching heat. Sweet Potato & Sage Bread, anyone? Yes, please and thank you. You’re so polite.

P.S. Friends! I love comments, either on my blog or on my Tablespoon post! Please let me know what you think — the good, the bad and the ugly. Hit me with ’em. I want to know your thoughts.

Round Twenty Seven — Cinnamon Sugar Braided Loaf

Cinnamon Sugar Braided Loaf

Ah, yes. Another glorious Saturday. The weekend is upon us, dear friends, let’s make the best of it!

And if you have no plans yet, you should plan on making this bread. Because it’s dang good, that’s why. I plan on spending my weekend with my awesome mom who’s visiting, and watching the series finale of LOST tomorrow (O. M. G. I cannot wait!).

If anything, at least reading the letter I wrote to congratulate Cinnamon and Sugar on their marriage should intrigue you (yes, I am wooing you with the crazy things I do, like write letters to inanimate objects).

So check out my newest post on, already! This time: Cinnamon Sugar Braided Loaf. And a very happy weekend to you all.

Round Twenty Six — Wheat Naan

Wheat Naan

I know, I know, I swore I would never eat Indian food again after my month-long trip there over a year ago. But I must admit, this recipe really warmed me up again to the idea of Indian cuisine (I even had a rice and potato curry dish with it for dinner last night — egads, I am risky!).

Anywho, enough about me. It’s time for you to read my next post on Tablespoon! This time, Wheat Naan. Want some bread? I have naan left because I ate it all. Get it? Ha. ha.


Oh dear. A happy Monday to you all.

Round Twenty Five — Caraway Swirl Rye Rolls

Caraway Swirl Rye Rolls

There is a man I work with named Roger. Roger is in charge of answering silly inquiries about subscriptions, connecting lost callers to the appropriate employee and helping little old ladies get free copies of the paper. Every Friday, while faithfully donning his Meat Loaf “Bat Out Of Hell” concert T-shirt (for casual Friday, of course), Roger greets me as I stroll through the door with this lovely acronym:


TGIF, indeed, Roger. TGIF.

So, in the spirit of the week’s end, enjoy your Friday with my sophomore post on! This time: Caraway Swirl Rye Rolls. And a TGIF to you, too, dear reader.

P.S. I got a