Girl Versus Dough

homemade hostess cupcakes

cupcake on a cooling rack

If you love those cream-filled chocolate cupcakes from the grocery store, save yourself a trip and make them at home! These homemade Hostess cupcakes are the REAL DEAL — so decadent, so indulgent, so delicious. A deeply chocolaty cupcake is filled with a cloud of marshmallow cream, then topped with a silky-smooth ganache and a curlicue of vanilla icing for the tastiest sweet snack of all time.

homemade fig newtons

stacked homemade fig newtons on a plate

If you, like me, experience nostalgia through food, these homemade Fig Newtons are chock-full of it. A sweet, no-cook fig filling is surrounded by a cake-like pastry dough to make your favorite childhood snack from scratch. Made from simple ingredients, you’ll love feeding these to your family as a special treat on the regular!

homemade twix bars

twix bar cut in half on a sheet of parchment paper

I’m just going to come right out and say it: These homemade Twix bars are even better than the original. Exceedingly thick layers of from-scratch shortbread cookie and chewy caramel are enveloped in a smooth, silky robe of milk chocolate for a candy bar to rule all the candy bars — and you can make it in your own home, no vending machine required.

homemade goldfish crackers

Homemade goldfish crackers on parchment paper

Ever get a snack attack but want something more than the typical fare? These homemade goldfish crackers will fit the bill. Exceedingly flaky, flavorful and heckin’ cheesy, once you give this elevated version of the snack favorite a try, you might not want to ever by the bag from the store again. You’ve been warned!