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About Addison

Hello! My name is Addison and I own and operate Girl Versus Dough! I am the recipe creator, food photographer, and chocolate lover behind this blog. My goal is to create easy and indulgent desserts and baked goods for every baker. I am beyond thrilled to be continuing Stephanie’s legacy.

Having grown up in the kitchen, I absolutely love creating recipes. Every Sunday night, I went to my grandparents’ house and made dinner and dessert from scratch with my grandmother. She taught me a thing or two about cooking with love. I am that friend who is always bringing cookies, brownies or banana bread to every gathering.

In the past few years, I have become passionate about the science behind baking. In addition to being active and healthy, I have my Institute of Integrative Nutrition certificate in health coaching. A healthy diet absolutely includes dessert. I may or may not eat chocolate in bed every night!

I hope you find some new recipes you love, classic recipes that cue all the nostalgia, and family favorites. Thank you for being here! You can also check out my first blog, Organically Addison.

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About Stephanie

Hi! I’m Stephanie, aka the “girl” behind Girl Versus Dough. I’m the creator, author and chief taste tester in this small piece of the internet. And it’s here where I’ve been sharing all of my adventures in baking bread from scratch, whipping up sweet treats and cooking flavorful, family-friendly meals for a decade. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here, too.

Girl Versus Dough started in 2009 as a way for me to merge my two loves — writing and baking. I was newly married, fresh out of college and working as a barista while searching for a job as a newspaper reporter. I was also searching for a creative outlet — and so, GVD was born.

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About The Blog

What started as a hobby in my free time has grown into something bigger than myself — a place where I can sit at the invisible internet table with my friends (you!) over a big piece of homemade cake and a mug of coffee; a place where I can geek out about sourdough bread and how to get really fluffy, tall biscuits and my favorite measuring cups; a place where we can hang out together — virtually, yes — but in a way that feels friendly and approachable and real. I always want you to come to my blog and, no matter your level of baking or cooking expertise (or lack thereof), feel at home here. This space is for you.

Girl Versus Dough is a place where you’ll learn how to make bread from scratch, step by step; where you’ll find your new favorite go-to weeknight dinner recipe; where you’ll find a sweet treat that gets you giddy about getting in the kitchen to bake. Use this blog as a resource for all things baking and cooking in an exciting but accessible way. And always, ALWAYS, feel free to connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. I love to hear from you. In 2023, Addison began operating the website!

Behind the Blog

This blog is heavily influenced by copious amounts of coffee, sugar, flour, and an unwavering obsession with real food. I did it all from my home in Saint Paul, Minnesota, which I share with my husband, Elliott, and our two daughters, Avery and Addy. They are my cheerleaders, my guinea pigs, and my inspiration. Without them, I wouldn’t trust myself to tell you with authority that, yes, four-year-olds really do love cupcakes with beets in them.

By night and weekend, I blog; by day, I work as a freelance recipe developer; and 24/7, I’m a mom. And when I can sneak in some free time, you’ll find me exploring the Twin Cities, going for walks near the lake, scoping out the best burger in town (so far, the hands-down winner is Lyn65, RIP) or, depending on the time of day, enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the back patio.

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A few more fun facts:
– One time, we lived and traveled in an RV full-time. It was pretty amazing.
– I was born in Chicago and have lived in Illinois, Iowa and now, Minnesota. I’m forever and always a Midwest girl.
– I’m an Enneagram 3w2 and an ISFJ on the Myers-Briggs indicator.
– I have eight tattoos.
– I dream of having a big plot of land one day where I can build a hobby farm with chickens and goats and a sprawling vegetable garden — but for now, I’m just trying to keep my snake plant alive. Baby steps.
– I really love music (check out my husband’s amazing playlists here to hear what we’re listening to!) and I’m always down for a good true-crime podcast.

stephanie wise of girl versus dough

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