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I’m Lindsey, the new owner of Girl Versus Dough. I’m so excited you’re here! You might recognize me from my appearances on the Food Network or my first blog Chef Lindsey Farr.  

I look forward to bringing my decades of professional baking and cooking experience to GVD and carrying on the legacy created by Stephanie. I can’t wait to share everything I know about baking desserts, making bread and savory cooking with all of you!

chef lindsey farr with caramel sauce in pot on stove.

What you will find on Girl Versus Dough

You will find fun and easy recipes for the everyday baker. There are more than 150 unique bread recipes on Girl Versus Dough! Try an easy no knead bread recipe or tackle a more challenging yeasted dough like English muffins, Montreal bagels or cinnamon raisin sourdough.

But wait! We are so much more than bread! There are easy cookie recipes, delicious snack recipes like homemade fig newtons, and indulgent cake recipes like these chocolate cupcakes. There are recipes for beginners, seasoned pros, and everyone in between! Use this blog as a resource for all things baking and cooking in an exciting but accessible way. And always, ALWAYS, feel free to connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. I love to hear from you.

More About Chef Lindsey: From finance to full-time blogger.

  • I have a degree in both Mathematics and French from Wake Forest, and a degree in Professional Pastry Arts (2015)and Professional Bread Baking (2018) from The International Culinary Center.
  • For years, I sweated through every savory station on the hot line at several restaurants in NYC before making my way back to pastry. In 2017 I became the Pastry Chef at Restaurant Marc Forgione and then several years later went on to become Chef Marc’s Executive Pastry Chef. I managed the staff and created the menu for his NYC restaurants. It was a wild ride: rewarding, sometimes gritty and always challenging. I left in 2022 to focus on my own pastry business full time.
  • Watch me on Season 38 of Chopped in the “Doughnut Dash” episode and my episode of Beat Bobby Flay which aired on August 10th, 2023! After you watch, be sure to bake the carrot cake that beat Bobby Flay!

Stephanie Wise: The Founder

stephanie wise of girl versus dough.

Hi! I’m Stephanie, the creator and founder of this (not so) small piece of the internet. And it’s here where I’ve been sharing all of my adventures in baking bread from scratch, whipping up sweet treats and cooking flavorful, family-friendly meals for over a decade.

Girl Versus Dough started in 2009 as a way for me to merge my two loves — writing and baking. In November 2023 I sold the blog to Lindsey from Chef Lindsey Farr. From one bread lover to another!

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